REVIEW: Trick of the Light- Skin Sessions #4- JP Jackson

Trick of the Light Book Cover Trick of the Light
Skin Sessions #4
JP Jackson
LGBTQ ShortReads- Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Horror
Dec 12, 2023

This is book #4 in the Skin Sessions series. It is strongly recommended to read them in order.

The Unicorn's Horn is bustling. Business is booming, and the purveyors of favors are faring rather well. Taz-rial, the incubus owner, is ensuring the men under his roof are being given every opportunity to shine. But that means the demon will have to mend fences with Aiden and Dillon, who left under duress. Taz-Rial is well aware that they have been plotting against him and it's time to put a stop to their scheming, hopefully by embracing them back into the fold.

The City Council also has to be appeased to make the brothel's entertainment license permanent. Taz-rial and Gavin, the Sir of the house, must begin lifting up the local neighborhood. Davinci is spotlighted to help achieve this goal and becomes the first part of Taz's plans, especially after hearing Davinci sing. There's only one way to utilize that voice to The Unicorn's Horn's advantage, and that's to ensure it lures all the available neighborhood men. The trouble is, nerves when performing are common, but don't ever let them see you sweat. A glistening sheen on the skin might reveal far too much.

Is Davinci's voice that good, is the performance that riveting, or is the whole act just a trick of the light?

Review by Gloria Lakritz
Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I am excited to realize that this series will continue, anticipating more fun and sexy adventures coming this year. So with that we are finding our guys are growing as Taz and Sir need to grow their business and in that the group is also expanding.

Agenda #1 is Taz talking to Aiden and Dillon who are actually trying to harm him and make peace. Upon bringing them back to the fold, next on the agenda is the business license needs to be renewed. In doing so changes will be made not only to the Brothel, but they have promised the Town Council that they will upscale other buildings in the area around their place, expanding the area for other businesses to grow.

The first place they take on as well as their continuing work on their own place is the aging bar and the aging bar owner. Taz’s idea after he heard Davanci sing was redo the bar into a place for Booze Music and Maybe some sexy time…..Davinci is all in along, with the owner of the bar and this last story is sexy time in both places, with the waiters and help dressed in the bare minimum……

Cannot wait for ore to come…..

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