New Release-REVIEW: Teas’d-Evergreen Council – Vin George

Title: TEAS'D Series: Evergreen Council Author: Vin George Genre: Short Read- Paranormal, Gay Romance, Vampire Publisher: Little Storm Press Release Date: May 25, 2024 Format: Kindle Pages: 53 Source: Amazon Don’t play games with a vampire unless you’re prepared to lose. Playing pranks on his three-hundred-year-old vampire sire wasn’t Charley’s brightest idea. Now Dalziel has … Read more


Title: Fever Author: Jordan L Hawk Genre: Horror Suspense, Supernatural Thriller, Paranormal Publisher: Widdershins Press Release Date: May 21, 2024 Format: Kindle Pages: 228 Source: Amazon Tired of living as con artists, Colin Muir and his brother Doug join the stampede to the gold fields of the Klondike. If they can strike it rich, they’ll … Read more

REVIEW: Wolf Spirit- Wolves of the West- Linda Thomas- Sundstrom

Title: Wolf Spirit Prequel Novella Series: Wolves of the West Author: Linda Thomas- Sundstrom Genre: Novella, Short Read, Paranormal Fantasy, Romance Publisher: Independent Release Date: March 28, 2024 Format: Kindle Pages: 112 Source: Amazon Desperado is a ghost town now, but are there ghosts? Arizona local Madeline is in search of the spirit of her … Read more

NEW RELEASE- REVIEW- What Happens in Hell (Stays in Hell): A Hammer Falls Novel- Tal Frost

Title: What Happens in Hell (Stays in Hell) Series: A Hammer Falls Novel Author: Tal Frost Genre: LGBTQ Fantasy, Gay Erotica, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Publisher: Independent Release Date: April 10, 2024 Format: Kindle Pages: 167 Source: Amazon Please note: this is an add-on novel for The Tree of Life. When Sam, a mere human with … Read more

REVIEW: Revelations- The Eternal Series Book #1-Lena Kelly

Title: Revelations Series: The Eternal Series Book #1 Author: Lena Kelly Genre: Paranormal, Demons, Devils, Angels, Vampires Publisher: Seawitch Press Release Date: July 9, 2019 first edition Format: Kindle Pages: 406 Source: Amazon Meeting the sexy and mysterious Lord Ios at a masquerade ball in Dublin, leads to the opening of a door to another … Read more

REVIEW: Trick of the Light- Skin Sessions #4- JP Jackson

Title: Trick of the Light Series: Skin Sessions #4 Author: JP Jackson Genre: LGBTQ ShortReads- Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Horror Publisher: Independent Release Date: Dec 12, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 101 Source: Amazon This is book #4 in the Skin Sessions series. It is strongly recommended to read them in order. The Unicorn’s Horn is bustling. … Read more

Release Day- REVIEW: The Red Dragon of Oxford -Wings Over Albion #1- Joy Lynn Fielding

Title: The Red Dragon of Oxford Series: Wings Over Albion #1 Author: Joy Lynn Fielding Genre: Gay Romance, Werewolves, Shifters, Paranormal Publisher: Independent Release Date: Feb 15, 2024 Format: Kindle Pages: 250 Source: Amazon Dragons aren’t real. Or so I used to think. Oxford isn’t exactly what I’d imagined. Sure, the colleges are romantic, and everyone is … Read more

RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Blood of the Whirlwind – The Shifter Chronicles Book #16- M.D. Grimm

Title: Blood of the Whirlwind Series: The Shifter Chronicles Book #16 Author: M.D. Grimm Genre: Gay, Paranormal, Werewolves, Shifters Publisher: Indpendent Release Date: Feb 13, 2024 Format: Kindle Pages: 256 Source: Amazon The bull shifter, Ryan, and his human mate, Caleb, have made a good life together. Alongside Caleb’s mother, Mandy, they run an animal … Read more

REVIEW: Skin Sessions – Demon At The Doorstep #1- J.P. Jackson

Title: Skin Sessions Series: Demon At The Doorstep #1- Author: J.P. Jackson Genre: LGBTQ Short Read, Paranormal, Demon, Gay Romance Publisher: Independent Release Date: Mach 7, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 44 Source: Amazon   The Unicorn’s Horn was once a hot and lively pleasure house. Folks would come from miles around to be satisfied by … Read more

Blog Tour: The Phoenix – T.M. Smith

T.M. Smith has a new paranormal/fantasy romance out, The Blood Coven Series Book 5: The Phoenix. Indigo … isn’t just any witch. She’s the reader of the River Am, incomparable finder of lost objects, witch extraordinaire, sister of Alarik, aunt of Rein, daughter of Tor and Adriana, madwoman, and quirky bitch. Roark … is an enigma. … Read more