Release Day- REVIEW: The Red Dragon of Oxford -Wings Over Albion #1- Joy Lynn Fielding

Title: The Red Dragon of Oxford Series: Wings Over Albion #1 Author: Joy Lynn Fielding Genre: Gay Romance, Werewolves, Shifters, Paranormal Publisher: Independent Release Date: Feb 15, 2024 Format: Kindle Pages: 250 Source: Amazon Dragons aren’t real. Or so I used to think. Oxford isn’t exactly what I’d imagined. Sure, the colleges are romantic, and everyone is … Read more

RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Blood of the Whirlwind – The Shifter Chronicles Book #16- M.D. Grimm

Title: Blood of the Whirlwind Series: The Shifter Chronicles Book #16 Author: M.D. Grimm Genre: Gay, Paranormal, Werewolves, Shifters Publisher: Indpendent Release Date: Feb 13, 2024 Format: Kindle Pages: 256 Source: Amazon The bull shifter, Ryan, and his human mate, Caleb, have made a good life together. Alongside Caleb’s mother, Mandy, they run an animal … Read more

REVIEW: Skin Sessions – Demon At The Doorstep #1- J.P. Jackson

Title: Skin Sessions Series: Demon At The Doorstep #1- Author: J.P. Jackson Genre: LGBTQ Short Read, Paranormal, Demon, Gay Romance Publisher: Independent Release Date: Mach 7, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 44 Source: Amazon   The Unicorn’s Horn was once a hot and lively pleasure house. Folks would come from miles around to be satisfied by … Read more

Blog Tour: The Phoenix – T.M. Smith

T.M. Smith has a new paranormal/fantasy romance out, The Blood Coven Series Book 5: The Phoenix. Indigo … isn’t just any witch. She’s the reader of the River Am, incomparable finder of lost objects, witch extraordinaire, sister of Alarik, aunt of Rein, daughter of Tor and Adriana, madwoman, and quirky bitch. Roark … is an enigma. … Read more

REVIEW: Prequel- The Maw of Mayhem- New Series Grimdark – AK Nevermore

Title: Prequel- The Maw of Mayhem Series: Prequel New Series Grimdark Author: AK Nevermore Genre: Paranormal, Erotica. Shifters Publisher: Changling Press LLC Release Date: Dec 3, 2023 Format: E Book Pages: 67 Source: Goodreads Grimdarke James has got problems. As Vice Prez of the Maw of Mayhem MC, he needs to keep his shit together, … Read more

REVIEW: The Phoenix -The Blood Coven Series Book #5- T.M. Smith

Title: The Phoenix Series: The Blood Coven Series Book #5 Author: T.M. Smith Genre: Werewolves, Shifters, Paranormal, Romance,Suspense Publisher: Evernight Publishing Release Date: Nov 2, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 497 Source: Amazon Indigo … isn’t just any witch. She’s the reader of the River Am, incomparable finder of lost objects, witch extraordinaire, sister of Alarik, … Read more

New Release: REVIEW: Tempting the Outlaw -Sherwood Forest Shifters Book #2- Anna Lowe

Title: Tempting the Outlaw Series: Sherwood Forest Shifters Book #2 Author: Anna Lowe Genre: Action Adventure, Paranormal, Werewolves & Shifters Publisher: Twin Moon Press Release Date: November 14, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 216 Source: Amazon You just can’t count on outlaws these days… I’m Willa Scarlet, and my mother was right about never depending on a … Read more

Release Day- REVIEW: Freefall- Dragons of Ardaine Bk #3- Roe Horvat

Title: Freefall Series: Dragons of Ardaine Bk #3 Author: Roe Horvat Genre: Paranormal Werewolf/Shifter, Dragons, Gay Romance Publisher: Independent Release Date: Nov 24, 2023 Format: kindle Source: Amazon When his parents try to coerce him into a marriage with an obnoxious, snobbish alpha, Ansel escapes to his granddad’s off-grid cabin. There he can gather the … Read more

REVIEW: Wolf’s Keep -The Wolves of Langeais Book #1 – K.E. Turner

Title: Wolf's Keep Series: The Wolves of Langeais Book #1 Author: K.E. Turner Genre: Time Travel,, Paranormal, Wolves and Shifters, Romance Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing Release Date: July 25, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 321 Source: Amazon FROM EXCITING ROMANCE AUTHOR K.E. TURNER Book one in The Wolves of Langeais series He’ s all she loathes … Read more

REVIEW: Beside the Darker Shore – Patricia J. Esposito

Title: Beside the Darker Shore Author: Patricia J. Esposito Genre: Vampire, Vampire Thriller, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Mystery, MM Fiction Publisher: JMS Books LLC Release Date: Oct. 8, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 316 Source: Amazon What might the ethical Governor David Gedden give up for one man’s exquisite beauty? It’s terrifying to consider when the man … Read more