RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: TEARS IN TIME – An Arcadia Trust Novel Book #4- Christian Baines

Tears in Time Book Cover Tears in Time
An Arcadia Trust Novel Book #4
Christian Baines
LGBTQ Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Fiction
May 15, 2024

Moments have passed for Reylan since he crossed the barrier between worlds to rescue his werewolf lover, Jorgas. But on their return, nothing feels right. Faithful allies have vanished, and places that once offered solace are now derelict, filled with shadows and inhabited by evil.

How can Reylan find his friends, and who can be trusted once they're found?

The world Reylan and Jorgas returned to has destroyed the one they left behind. In this new reality, someone is playing a deadly game with time, and their fates are its prize.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the fourth book in the series and the only one I have read. I know I have missed a lot which at first left me lost but I decided to concentrate on this book and read the descriptions and reviews of the other books, so I had an idea of what went on previously. I have concentrated on Reylan, Jorgas, Brett and Iain.

Reylan returned with Jorgas from the Wound a hell dimension. When Reylan visited the Arcadia Trust, he found it empty and in chaos and found his mannequin Brett starved and in horrendous condition. Reylan believed he was only gone twenty minutes which turned out to be five months. He left Iain dead and without his help he and Jorgas would never have been free.

It didn’t take Reylan long before he realized that Brett was not himself, but it was Iain who had occupied Brett’s body. Iain’s body was still in the Wound, and he is using Brett’s body. Iain explained that Brett after five months had gone insane and if Iain left his body, he would become a crazed monster.

Trying to find his friends Reylan visits Isobel’s house to find her gone and a horror show. The house is now occupied by evil, he hid behind a sarcophagus and witnessed Deborah and another performing a human sacrifice which was quite gory. After the sacrifice Reylan found a way to get out alive.

Things got very bad: a visit to the Arcadia Trust again he found Patricia and her trusted aide Kelvin, only Kelvin is now visible. Kelvin is a cloak walker always invisible, so he was just another victim of whatever possesses the Arcadia Trust building, and the only hope is to find and destroy the evil.

It was hard to know who to trust and when he trusted Deborah promising to give him answers it turned out no to well. Adrian Tseng a shaper has wanted revenge against Reylan for killing his lover after Jorgas in his wolf form left him for dead. Tseng orders a trial to determine if Jorgas should be eliminated and if he can be trusted among people. Reylan gets no answers, only more trouble.

So, despite not reading the first three books I found myself invested in this book. There are surprises, secrets, betrayal and violence but it held my interest from the beginning to the end. I definitely missed out on a lot and can’t recommend highly enough to begin with the first book in the series.

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