RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: TEARS IN TIME – An Arcadia Trust Novel Book #4- Christian Baines

Title: Tears in Time Series: An Arcadia Trust Novel Book #4 Author: Christian Baines Genre: LGBTQ Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Fiction Publisher: Independent Release Date: May 15, 2024 Format: Kindle Pages: 284 Source: Amazon Moments have passed for Reylan since he crossed the barrier between worlds to rescue his werewolf lover, Jorgas. But on their … Read more

New Release – REVIEW: Mated to the Gargoyle: Mated to the Monster- Lisa Carlisle

Title: Mated to the Gargoyle Series: Mated to the Monster Multi Author Series Author: Lisa Carlisle Genre: Gothic Fiction Gothic Romance Publisher: Independent Release Date: April 22, 2024 Format: Kindle Pages: 184 Source: Amazon When the statue awakens… I love working in a private university library with its special collection of antiquarian books and works … Read more

New Release- REVIEW: Ex Match -Perfect Match Agency: Springtime Book #1- MM Farmer

Title: Ex Match Series: Perfect Match Agency: Springtime Book #1 Author: MM Farmer Genre: Omegaverse, Fantasy Fiction, Gay Fiction, LGBTQ Fantasy Fiction Publisher: Independent Release Date: Feb 9th, 2024 Format: Kindle Pages: 126 Source: Amazon Sparks fly when the Perfect Match Agency matches two exes who had a bad, bad break-up. But the real fire … Read more

REVIEW: Green Hills and Dragon Tales -The Green Hills Series Book #2- Celyn Kendrick

Title: Green Hills and Dragon Tales Series: The Green Hills Series Book #2 Author: Celyn Kendrick Genre: LGBTQ Fiction, Metaphysical Fiction Publisher: Independent Release Date: Oct 8, 2022 Format: Kindle Pages: 417 Source: Amazon “Ye never ken what beasties lurk in the water…” The white and red dragons have been spiritual soulmates for as long … Read more

REVIEW : Garden of Mysteries -Misselthwaite College #2 – Drake LaMarque

Title: Garden of Mysteries Series: Misselthwaite College #2 Author: Drake LaMarque Genre: Fantasy Fiction, LGBTQ Fantasy, Historical, Fantasy Publisher: Grey Kelpie Studio Release Date: Nov 24, 2022 Format: Kindle Pages: 257 Source: Amazon Sometimes doing the right thing means being disagreeable Alistair returns to Misselthwaite College of Magic only to face his biggest challenge yet. … Read more

REVIEW : Enlightened Ice – Series Enlightened- V.K. Walker

Title: Enlightened Ice Series: Series Enlightened Author: V.K. Walker Genre: Fantasy, Erotic, Psychic Fiction Publisher: ErotiKat Books Release Date: March 3, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 399 Source: Amazon Wanted: One damsel in shining armour… Imprisoned by circumstance, Aiden is at the mercy of one of the most evil Forsaken to have ever walked the earth, … Read more

REVIEW : SurReality – Matt Doyle

Title: SurReality Author: Matt Doyle Genre: Horror, LGBTQ Fiction, Short Read Publisher: Nine Star Press Release Date: June 2, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 55 Source: Amazon Tony Cork and Benny Marks were ‘The Princes of UK Paranormal Television.’ Then, while investigating an urban legend for their 2015 Christmas Special, the couple found themselves torn apart … Read more

Release Day REVIEW: Trina’s Sacrifice- Solstice Quartet Book #4- Catherine Peace

Title: Trina's Sacrifice Series: Solstice Quartet Book #4 Author: Catherine Peace Genre: Native American Fiction, Werewolf Shifter, Romance Publisher: Inkspell Publishing Release Date: June 27, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 242 Source: Amazon A chieftain’s forsaken daughter…. Trina Huxford knows the old stories: wolf takes swan, wolf kills swan. When her beloved older sister is taken … Read more

RELEASE DAY REVIEW : Stormy Stars – Cozy Corgi Mysteries Book #30 – Mildred Abbott

Title: Stormy Stars Series: Cozy Corgi Mysteries Book #30 Author: Mildred Abbott Genre: Cozy Animal Mystery, Cozy Culinary Mystery, Release Day, Womens Fiction Publisher: Independent Release Date: May 30, 2023 Format: Kinde Pages: 284 Source: Amazon Delightful summer days, political drama, and murder… No one would dare describe Detective Susan Green as cheerful, peppy… or … Read more

REVIEW : When the Glow Lights the Woods – Eule Grey

Title: Novella – When the Glow Lights the Woods Author: Eule Grey Genre: Fantasy, Holiday Romance, Holiday Fiction Publisher: Nine Star Press Release Date: Nov 22, 2022 Format: Lindle Pages: 120 Source: Amazon A snowy story of healing, birds, and the magic of connection. The Wall? Who gives a snowman’s kiss about when the wars … Read more