RELEASE DAY REVIEW : Stormy Stars – Cozy Corgi Mysteries Book #30 – Mildred Abbott

Stormy Stars Book Cover Stormy Stars
Cozy Corgi Mysteries Book #30
Mildred Abbott
Cozy Animal Mystery, Cozy Culinary Mystery, Release Day, Womens Fiction
May 30, 2023

Delightful summer days, political drama, and murder…

No one would dare describe Detective Susan Green as cheerful, peppy… or frankly, pleasant. So when Winifred and her curmudgeonly corgi come upon Susan in a pink hoodie and purple sweatpants, the world spirals at the wrongness of it all.

Hostility during local elections is far from unexpected in the picturesque mountain town of Estes Park, and, unfortunately, neither are accusations of police corruption. But Detective Green's behavior makes Fred fear a mid-life crisis and sends Watson into comfort mode. When the political drama escalates to murder, Fred must navigate the twists and turns of town gossip and revealed secrets as suspicion falls on those dear to her.

Solving this mystery just might mean saving Susan—from herself. And Fred holds out hope that Officer Fleabag is not the only one in town who might adore the combative and contrary Detective Green.

(This culinary cozy mystery includes a recipe for yummy, yeasty, cheesy garlic bread.)

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Oh my, thirty books I have purchased and read from this series and it feels like just yesterday finding this Mildred Abbott series.

I have got to say that snuggling up in my chair with my drink of choice always gives me a good feeling, knowing I am going back to a town I know like my own. I “know’ the street, I know the stores, I know the owners, but most of all I KNOW The People.

Our author has given us looks into our local police officer now Detective Susan Green. She was bossed and emotionally pummeled by Branson Wexler , then the Police Chief with both of them going down in flames. Susan was now running the Police Force with no title, but with just honest men and women who really care for their badge.

The rapport between Winnifred and Susan has grown, with Susan and Fred forging a friendship of mutual respect. I was truly thrilled when our author brought Susan’s story back to the forefront. It wouldn’t be Estes Park if there wasn’t a problem. In many cities today Local Elections are having exposés as well.

Estes Park runs with a Board and some of the people running have just been outed in the local newspaper for past crimes all spelled out on the front page….But the worst part is, things were written about Susan Green and she has been put Administrative Leave till this gets settled, bringing in another male Sherriff who has no clue.

Susan is lost, she has made herself , and her life, her job. Winifred and Watson aka Detective Fleabag fear more for her than what is going on until you guessed it ANOTHER MURDER……..Mildred Abbott this was just what the series needed, restoring a community to work together. I loved this book…..and of course will make the cheesy garlic bread tonite. Great recipe !

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