REVIEW : Garden of Mysteries -Misselthwaite College #2 – Drake LaMarque

Garden of Mysteries Book Cover Garden of Mysteries
Misselthwaite College #2
Drake LaMarque
Fantasy Fiction, LGBTQ Fantasy, Historical, Fantasy
Grey Kelpie Studio
Nov 24, 2022

Sometimes doing the right thing means being disagreeable

Alistair returns to Misselthwaite College of Magic only to face his biggest challenge yet. The curse on his lover, William, is only growing worse. Soon the temporary measures they've taken will no longer protect him. Even worse, Alistair learns that all three of his lovers may share William's danger

Desperate to hone his magical skills, Alistair explores all options he has, including the two new teachers to Misselthwaite. One offers a logical breaking down of the mystery surrounding William, while the other hints at the powerful possibilities of forbidden magic. Alistair finds himself the target of a smear campaign designed to expel him from the college.

Can he save William without damning himself? If Alistair makes the wrong choice, not even the Secret Garden's power will be enough to save his lovers--or himself.------

Garden of Mysteries is book two in a duology, set in a magical new universe. A Secret Garden retelling with a queer twist and featuring MMMM polyamory.

Review By D.B. Wilson

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I loved this book as much as I enjoyed the first in the series. All of the issues in book one were resolved in this one, which I really appreciated.

I also enjoyed how the paranormal part of the story developed along with the Vampire storyline. Also the pursuit for the cure.

I’m really excited about the next book.


I don’t have a critique for this book. To be honest, I really enjoyed it. The second books of any series are always hard to compare to the first. Usually, it’s not as good. That’s not the case with this one. If anything, I think this book was better than the first. It certainly filled in some important gaps.

Just like with book one, I was quite taken with this book. I recommend this one as much as I did the first!



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