RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Suck a Little Happy Juice: An Irreverent, By-the-Skin-of-Your-Teeth Guide to Being an Indie Author-J.Scott Coatsworth

Title: Suck a Little Happy Juice Series: An Irreverent, By-the-Skin-of-Your-Teeth Guide to Being an Indie Author Author: J.Scott Coatsworth Genre: Writer's Reference Guide, Indie Authors Reference, Fiction Writers Reference Publisher: Other Worlds Inc Release Date: April 10, 2024 Format: Kindle Pages: 253 Source: Amazon Being An Indie Author Can’t Be That Hard, Right? So you … Read more

REVIEW: The Secrets of Heaven- The Heaven Trilogy Book #2- Reni Stankova

Title: The Secrets of Heaven Series: The Heaven Trilogy Book #2 Author: Reni Stankova Genre: LGBTQ Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy, Gay Romance Publisher: JMS Books Release Date: Dec 30, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 365 Source: Amazon Sequel to The Enemy of Heaven Raphael and Dante, the enemies of Heaven who committed regicide and ascended a new queen … Read more

REVIEW : Garden of Mysteries -Misselthwaite College #2 – Drake LaMarque

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REVIEW : Garden of Secrets: Misselthwaite College Book #1- Drake LaMarque

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REVIEW: Enemy Of Heaven – Reni Stankova

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REVIEW : Novella- A Beat of Honour – Amir Lane

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REVIEW : Heat – An ABCs of Love Novel – T.L. Travis

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REVIEW : World Warden – Wurl Book#2 – Albert Nothlit

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REVIEW : Life Seed – Wurl Book #1 – Albert Nothlit

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REVIEW : Embrace Me – Love in the Pacific Northwest Book #2 – Beck Grey

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