REVIEW : Novella- A Beat of Honour – Amir Lane

Novella -A Beat of Honour Book Cover Novella -A Beat of Honour
Amir Lane
Historical Fantasy, LGBTQ Fantasy
Jan 5, 2023

Review by D.B. Wilson

Member of the Paranormal Romance Romance Guild

What I Liked:

The story flowed well, although it took me a moment to grasp what the “Now Playing,” element of the beginning of each chapter was about. I believe, this first book is really about setting up the story, although I haven’t read the other books in the series. I enjoyed the story over all, and it kept my interest the entire time I was reading it.


The storyline was slightly difficult to follow. Without giving away too much, this books was mostly focused on revenge. There were also some romantic elements, that confused me. I wasn’t exactly sure who the love interest was intended to be. It wasn’t until the end, that the author brought out any significant romance though. Unfortunately, by the time I got to that, I was still fairly lost in the revenge story.

Ultimately, I struggled with how poorly the revenge situation was concluded. After reading the entire story just to get to the point where justice is served, I was frustrated when the author seemed to skim over it and begin focusing their attention on the romance.

My biggest critique for this story is it seems to be a bit confused about what it wants to be. I was all in for the fantasy element and didn’t really need the romantic aspects. Those could’ve come in book 2 (like I think they do) however, like I said before, inserting romance, when what I wanted was insight into how he felt when he finally got even with a man who’d hurt him made me more conflicted about the romantic element than excited for it.

Despite my criticism, I was compelled to read the introduction to the next book. That’s always a good sign, I think. I would encourage anyone who likes vampire and magic books to invest in this story. Although I haven’t read the follow-up book, it occurs to me they are likely to be a fun read.

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