Author Interview with 2022 Reviewer’s Choice Award Nominee A. J. Alexander

Dream Walker Book Cover Dream Walker
The Council of Twelve Series
A..J. Alexander
November 22, 2022
‏110 pages

Koyu thought she had done her duty, but deep inside she knows it will never be over. She is bound to her master forever and will have to execute his every command. But when he demands she’ll invade his sworn enemy’s dreams, she chooses to rebel.

Koyu risks her existence to help the ‘other side’ by purposely disobeying her master's orders.

Koyu knows she'll pay with her life for her impertinence. Is there, indeed, no hope for her?


2022 RCA Author Interview with A.J. Alexander

Interview by Sherry Perkins

A.J. Alexander, Paranormal Romance Guild 2022 Reviewer’s Choice Award nominee, writes poetry, fantasy, and is an accomplished classical musician. She often explores the concept of good vs. evil in her short stories or novellas while challenging the idea that angels, guardians and demons aren’t necessarily always male but romance usually figures into the struggle.

1. What was the inspiration for your Paranormal Romance Guild 2022 Reviewer’s Choice Award nominated books, Dream Walker, in the Novellas & Shorts category, and The Council of Twelve in the Novellas & Shorts Series category?
Dream Walker is the 5th book in ‘The Council of Twelve’ series, which is also nominated. I originally started writing this particular series after deciding, ‘Heaven’ as we learned about it, was a bit too ‘men dominated’ and needed a bit of girl-power. I started writing book three first, then wrote book one, two, and then four and five. The entire series has been inspired by love, romance, fantasy, and the fight good vs. evil.
2. What bit of advice you would give to new writers?
Start that story that’s in your head… a book never writes itself. Writing is a lot of work, but if you truly are a writer, you will enjoy every minute of that long process, from the idea to the final book. Go for it!
3. Why do you think your book should win — in other words, what makes it unique?
It is a great honor for me to see Dream Walker nominated. The stories around Koyu are very dear to me, and I think the girl deserves some attention, and so does the entire ‘The Council of Twelve’ series. The characters are unique and very loveable, and they’re not missing a certain subtle sarcasm and wonderful humor. I have been told not only YA love these books. Their clean innocence, in combination with the romantic side, is inviting for adult readers as well. The books deserve some attention.

The Council Of Twelve



A.J. Alexander is a talented classical musician who has won several music contests in her youth. She is an accomplished skier and loves to swim, amongst other sports.

A.J. Alexander is the author of the award-winning ‘The Council of Twelve’ series, with five published books so far. She lives in Upstate New York with her beautiful senior Maine Coon cat. In her rare free time, she loves to meet friends or go for long nature walks.

A. J. Alexander learned reading and writing at the age of four and realized quite early in her education that she loves painting pictures with words. During her school time, she won poetry as well as short story contests. Later on, she participated in writing and poetry workshops to learn the craft. During her time at university, her education as a writer turned toward creative as well as journalistic writing. A. J. published several poems and short stories under a pen name. Currently, she is working on ‘The Council Of Twelve’ series. Writing fantasy books has always been her dream, and she looks forward to sharing her work with her audience.

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