New Release – REVIEW: Mated to the Gargoyle: Mated to the Monster- Lisa Carlisle

Title: Mated to the Gargoyle Series: Mated to the Monster Multi Author Series Author: Lisa Carlisle Genre: Gothic Fiction Gothic Romance Publisher: Independent Release Date: April 22, 2024 Format: Kindle Pages: 184 Source: Amazon When the statue awakens… I love working in a private university library with its special collection of antiquarian books and works … Read more

REVIEW : Autumn Dreams- The Eternal Mates Book #1- E.B. Wolfe

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Holiday- New Release- REVIEW: Cold Blood Warm Heart -Consortium Trilogy- BL Maxwell

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REVIEW : Her Alien Savior: Necia Alien Warriors Book#1- Sky Robert

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REVIEW: Her For Him: A Fated Novel – Nikki Serrano

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NEW RELEASE- Wolf’s Woman – Salem Pack Book #3 – Lisa Kessler

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RELEASE DAY-REVIEW: The Last Seer – Black Veil Series Book #3- Davidson King

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REVIEW : Emperor of Dragons -Black Veil Series Book #2- Davidson King

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New Release REVIEW: Chance Match- Perfect Match Agency Book #2 – Wendy Rathbone

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DUAL REVIEW WEEKEND : The Autumn Lands – J Scott Coatsworth

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