RELEASE DAY-REVIEW: The Last Seer – Black Veil Series Book #3- Davidson King

The Last Seer Book Cover The Last Seer
Black Veil Series Book #3
Davidson King
Paranormal Psychic Thriller, Vampires, Dragons, Lgbtq Fantasy
July 17, 2022

Learning he’s the last seer should make Bashiri feel special, unique. In this case, it’s the most terrifying and heartbreaking realization ever.

Bashiri spends his days loving his animals, running his own meditation studio, and knowing his kind are hunted while hiding in plain sight. He also spends a lot of time avoiding a certain grumpy vampire who rejected him one too many times. When his life begins to change and enemies become bolder, the Blood Boss sends his vampires as protection. Including the sullen Petru,

Petru’s focus is on keeping Black Veil safe. He has no time for foolish fortune tellers. Bashiri is a distraction he has pushed aside so often, the seer finally stayed away. Until Bashiri’s life is threatened and Petru must keep him alive. As he protects the seer, it becomes harder to ignore the love he feels until he finally realizes he no longer wants to.

The journey to keep Bashiri alive becomes harder as his centennial birthday approaches, especially when the shield that secretly conceals him turns to shreds. Great secrets are revealed as new and magical creatures appear to help Bashiri in a fight where failure is not an option. Petru and Bashiri want eternity, but will their determined, powerful enemies destroy their future and their love instead?

The Last Seer is book 3 in the Black Veil Series and should be read in order. The Blood Boss is book one followed by Emperor of Dragons. There is no cliffhanger.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Alas, #3 has come today and we are back in The Veil. Book #1 we learned about the paranormal world our author created meeting The Blood Lord a vampire, in charge of keeping safe the entire world. The icing on the cake was he was no longer alone to do this; meeting his fated mate.

Book #2 was adding the Dragon contingent to help the Vampires and Witches to fight off another paranormal group the Fairies who just thought they could. The Dragon Emperor also finding his mate in the Vampire community, another magical story.

I had read this author for many years, and most of the work was hard hitting tough guys, hard hitting mysteries and murders with finding an HEA. This series was a leap of faith of Davidson King to begin this series and expand on a story telling in another realm……and many kudos and the enjoyment this has brought to paranormal book lovers.

Meeting Bashiri and Petru previously we actually get them as the main part of this story. Petru is a Vampire a member of the Vampire Kings Guard. Bashiri we have learned was born and he was chosen when all their world was hunting Seers and destroying them like the Witch hunts, All the Seers gathered and pledged as each Seer was caught and died, all their knowledge would go to Bashiri until his 100th birthday Upon that day he would gain even more power and be possibly the Most powerful being.

In the past Bashiri had a crush on Petru , but Petru rebuked his advances. His whole life was his job and protection of the Vampire Lord. When Bashiri was asked for help in seeing the future in helping the Vampires and Dragons in Book #2 things seemed to change for Petru.

Again this story was over the top, with intrigue, fast paced story, a third HEA, and a wonderful sharing of Paranormal Kind banding together to help Aric the Blood Lord do his job and keep the people of The Veil safe and prosperous.

Hoping #3 The Last Seer is not the last in this great series Davidson King!!!! There are plenty of Monsters in this world who alwas want to spoil peace and happiness for greed nd power



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