REVIEW: A Kind of Death – Cav Crawford Mysteries- Josh Atervois

A Kind of Death Book Cover A Kind of Death
Cav Crawford Mysteries
Josh Atervois
LGBTQ Mystery, Black and African American Thriller, Psychic Thriller
DSP Publcations
April 4, 2023

Cav Crawford has a lot going on. He’s a college student. He has a side gig as a PI. Oh yeah—and he sees ghosts.

When four teenage boys disappear while ghost hunting but only one reappears days later (covered in blood and with no memory of what happened), the police point the finger at the boy. The boy’s parents hire Cav to prove his innocence, and it doesn’t take him long to realize he’s in over his head. To complicate matters, Cav unintentionally summons the ghost of his dead boyfriend, who can’t seem to move on.

As the investigation deepens, Cav unearths disturbing similarities between his current case and a decades-old murder-suicide. By the time he realizes the power of the dark forces at work, it’s too late—he’s caught the attention of the killer, and he’ll soon learn there’s more than one kind of death….

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Twenty-one-year-old Cav Crawford is a criminal justice major and a licensed private investigator. He has been handling missing person cases and his last one was a huge success. Now his boss Sutton Walker is assigning him the case of three missing boys when one of the boys mysteriously appears in physically poor condition walking on the side of the road.

Four boys formed a ghost-hunting club and the one boy who has been found has no memory of what happened to the other three. He is covered in blood, and it was not unrealistic to expect he might have murdered his friends. Gareth can’t remember where they were investigating the possibility of ghosts, so the police are at a standstill. Gareth’s parents hired Walker’s PI service and since Cav was close to his age, they felt he would have a connection with him. Finding the missing boys and clearing their son’s name is everyone’s hope and it is falling on Cav.

Cav had his work cut out for him and after meeting Gareth he began to feel that there was someone else inside him but was it a mental condition or a case of possession. Cav has the Sight and has been seeing ghosts most of his life. It was a year ago that his boyfriend Mason disappeared only to be discovered dead in a park. Cav has had a difficult time letting go and despite his roommate and grandmother’s encouragement to begin dating he has still not gotten over Mason.

So now Cav is searching for three missing boys and the sudden appearance of Mason’s ghost. Mason wants to know what happened to him since he has no memory of it, but Cav is invested in saving Gareth and finding the missing boys alive. First Cav must find out where the boys had gone, and no one has any knowledge including Gareth. His search leads him to a fifty-year-old murder case, a teenage boy killed his mother, father and sister and then was found dead. Cav discovers Gareth’s car outside the abandoned murder home so with the police they are sure that the missing boys are dead since their blood was all over one of the rooms.

Cav finds himself dealing with a very dark situation, his dead boyfriend’s ghost and a new man he finds himself interested in. Cav has known tragedy, a car accident taking the life of his grandfather, father and leaving his grandmother crippled. Not long after his mother died from cancer and only with the love of his grandmother and his mother’s best friend and his husband adopting him did, he find a loving support system. He is determined to help Gareth and bring the missing boys home, but I won’t reveal anything more.

This is a book that kept me hooked from beginning to end. A fifty-year-old murder, missing boys, the appearance of Cav’s dead boyfriend’s ghost made this book a must read for mystery and paranormal lovers. Nonstop action, secrets, surprises and amazing characters, and edge of your seat suspense.

I can’t wait for more about Cav and what cases he will face.

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