REVIEW : Her Alien Savior: Necia Alien Warriors Book#1- Sky Robert

Her Alien Savior Book Cover Her Alien Savior
Necia Alien Warriors Book#1
Sky Robert
Fated Mates, First Contact, Science Fiction
Aug 1, 2023

My alien warrior thinks he's supposed to save me, but we may just save each other.

What happens if your exchange program with another alien planet gets hijacked by a warrior that says your contracted host is a criminal? And you're required to help him infiltrate, and apprehend them, or else? Well, I guess that's what happened to me, but it was difficult to know who to trust when being a human meant I was treated like a second-class alien, and injected with nanobug trackers like a criminal.

All of that would be pretty difficult to handle if I was doing it on my own, but I wasn't the only one to get roped into this mission, and the warrior assigned to protect me during my mission was not only hot, but used to be commander of this ship before he was forcefully removed by the current warrior in charge. My only choice was to figure out a way of surviving this mission, and keeping my heart safe from catching the feels for an alien that didn't have the same kind of feelings towards intimacy as humans. Could I keep my feelings to myself when he starts calling me his mate, and runs off into danger without me?

Fans of Grace Goodwin, Laurann Dohner, and Ruby Dixon will love this steamy new series featuring strong, respectful, possessive, alien warrior heroes and the sassy, powerful women who save them!

Dive into a fated mates, spicy monster love romance with instalust, exhibitionism, blood play, primal play, strong female empowerment, alpha male with consent, and alien extremities. Join the fated mates of the Alien Warriors of Necias Prime in the Treasures of Trillume Universe. All stand-alone romances, within a fun interwoven plot of the universe.
This book does have a trigger warning of a single FFM scene, this is not a harem romance.

Others in the Series: Her Alien Prince, Jewel of the Alien Bandit, and Her Alien Exchange.

This book is not intended for audiences under 18 years of age.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Riley Spearit has nothing to keep her on Earth and so she signed up for the Exchange Program which would take her to another planet for a year with a host family. With the death of her brother, she was hoping the year with an alien family would help her deal with him being gone and possibly get answers as to what happened.

Commander Vox Direl, a Necia warrior is awaiting a new advancement, the Necia are a warrior species and enforcers of Galactica laws. When Trillume took over Necia, King Sylve abandoned his tribe and settled on a planet that he now controls. At one time Direl considered Sylve a brother and now has no respect for him. When Sylve requests Direl to visit he walks into a trap. His ship has been taken over and he finds himself restrained. He immediately realizes that he has been betrayed, betrayed by his second in command, Chuel a man he also considered a brother.

Direl was ordered to Earth, and he found himself confined with three humans, Bryce, Chester, Ashley and Riley. Riley has been assigned to Trillume to work with Princess Klemon in a study she feels Riley is perfect for. Riley is also restrained and Sylve and Chuel make it clear that they need Riley to get them access to Klemon and Direl is part of their plan. When Direl attempts to protect Riley, he is shocked and in pain which prompts Riley to scream at him to stop fighting, that is when he first realized she was his mate.

Direl needs to find a way to get free and take Riley with him, easier said than done. The ship is now commanded by Chuel, and all the warriors answer to him, so he is basically on his own. Riley was headed for stasis, but she is a very strong woman and well trained in all types of self-defenses, so she didn’t get into stasis the guard taking her did. She immediately releases the three other humans that were with her with the hope they can help find a way to get free.

Unknown to Riley, her three companions were trained in ways that could help, especially Ashley who is able to get access to the ship’s computers. Unfortunately, Ashley, Chester and Bryce were not involved in the Exchange Program, they were on a mission. Direl knows in both his hearts that Riley is his mate, but he must convince her that he would die for her and give her everything he could to make her happy and safe.

I am not a huge fan of sci-fi but occasionally, I receive a book to review and find myself captivated, this was one of them. Betrayal, lies, secrets, and surprises, surprises that made me say WOW. I loved Riley and Direl, a human and a Nencia warrior who try find a way to overcome all the obstacles to a possible relationship.

As someone who is not a huge fan of sci-fi, I highly recommend this book for those who are. Now the only problem I have is when the next book will come out, I can’t wait.



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