Holiday- New Release- REVIEW: Cold Blood Warm Heart -Consortium Trilogy- BL Maxwell

Cold Blood Warm Heart Book Cover Cold Blood Warm Heart
Consortium Trilogy
BL Maxwell
MM Paranormal Romance, Fated Mates, Vampires, Mystery Thriller, Short Reads
Dec 8, 2023

Leon is adjusting to his new existence as a vampire, but so far Ben has kept him safely isolated in the wilderness of Alaska where he was created.

Ben wants Leon to spend time with his friends, and hopes his new mate is ready to be out in the world of humans.

Ben and Leon are newly mated vampires trying to find their place in the world. Somehow spending Christmas with two more vampires is the least shocking thing in this new world Leon is trying to navigate.


Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This was a very short story if you blink it is over but till that blink it was well worth the read. Ben is a vampire and works for the Consortium who oversees all vampire activities. While their purpose was to help vampires, now they destroy any who don’t conform to their beliefs.

Leon is Ben’s mate and a new vampire who has not been able to get his hunger under control. It is Christmas time and Ben decides to get Leon out of the house and to mingle with two vampire friends. Leon’s fear is losing control and killing a human while Ben shows him constant encouragement and a trust Leon is afraid, he will fail.

There is no better time for Leon to accept what he is and learn restraint Christmas is a time for magic, love and happiness and Leon wants all those things.

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