New Release – REVIEW: Mated to the Gargoyle: Mated to the Monster- Lisa Carlisle

Mated to the Gargoyle Book Cover Mated to the Gargoyle
Mated to the Monster Multi Author Series
Lisa Carlisle
Gothic Fiction Gothic Romance
April 22, 2024

When the statue awakens…

I love working in a private university library with its special collection of antiquarian books and works of art. My favorite sculpture is one of the massive gargoyle statues, one that’s perched near my desk. Visitors often remark how lifelike it is, and I’ll tease, “Maybe it is.”

A frantic woman asks me to hide a book, one that's fascinating with intricate details on the cover and spells inside. When I shelve it after hours, I hear movement in the library.

Has someone broken in?

What I discover is far more shocking...

Mated to the Gargoyle is a fated mates, protector romance.

This book is part of the Mated to the Monster multi-author monster romance series. All books can be read as standalones.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This book is part of the Mated to the Monster multi-author Monster Romance series and if you haven’t read any of them you are missing out on amazing stories. This one focuses on a librarian and a gargoyle, and it was fun.

Anya works at a private library filled with rare books and paintings and her days are filled with books which is her passion. She has no boyfriend or friends since she has only been in Montreal for a few months but when a young woman approaches her handing her a book and telling her to hide it and not let him get it the comfy world, she lives in will turn upside down.

Without knowing the importance of the book, she does lock it up in a secure place and she is ready to go home but then two men attack her demanding the book and if that wasn’t scary enough, she was saved by the gargoyle next to her desk that she named Pierre. Pierre has come to life and has killed one attacker and badly injured the other. Her attackers were hybrids, half demon, her gargoyle is now alive, and her world is spinning out of control.

Pierre introduces himself to Anya explaining that he is part of Stone Sentries whose job is protection. His real name is Hugo, and they were hired by the owner, Adelaide Lebonne, who has died. Her instructions were to not only protect the library but to protect Anya and with the attack by the two hybrids they earned their keep.

The book is connected to a prophecy and as Anya grows more accustomed to Hugo both in his gargoyle form and human form, she begins to imagine what it would be like to be with him on a personal level. Hugo can’t understand how Anya sees through his shield; she should only see a regular man, but she sees him as more.

Hugo realizes early on that Anya is his mate but telling her that would surely scare her away, so he keeps it to himself never expecting them to have a relationship. Anya is getting an education on the existence of beings she only believed existed in books, but she is finding herself imagining being with Hugo in a romantic relationship but if that happens, I won’t reveal it in this review.

This book was filled with surprises, romance and secrets. I have no doubt that if paranormal romance is a genre, you love than this book will fulfill everything you love about it.

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