RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Love At Country Pines – Pine Ridge Universe- S.C. Principale

Love At Country Pines Book Cover Love At Country Pines
Pine Ridge Universe
S.C. Principale
Fantasy, Paranormal Erotica, Paranormal Vampire Romance
March 31, 2024

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

For anyone who loves Ms. Principale’s monster romances, get ready to catch up on some of the monsters and their wives in a very erotic story. Six stories and one new one and each will leave you breathless.

Milo and Libby from The Minatour’s Valentine have been given a gift certificate for a night at the Country Pines motel and they find new and exciting ways to satisfy each other.

Ardy from Pumpkin Spice and Speed Dating has been magically turned into his pooka by his angry father. Izzy, his wife, has never seen his pooka and now he runs to the Country Pines motel to hide until he is back to normal. Izzy refuses to let him hide and gets a look at his six-foot-tall black bunny and what that bunny can do.

This is a new monster romance for me and introduces Calder and Janet. Janet is new to Pine Ridge, and she has bought a nail salon but finding food and a place to sleep are her top priority. She takes a room at the Country Pines motel where she meets Calder, a kraken tentacles and all. The attraction between the two is off the charts and she visualizes what he can do with his tentacles, and it is wow.

Robbie, Charlotte, Tessa and Leo from Vampire in Vegas are spending the night at the Country Pines motel where Tessa and Leo are hoping to conceive a child but need Robbie’s help to get her over the knot. Their dream is to have a child, a dream that Robbie and Charlotte share and if it is true that the fae who own the motel fulfils the occupants’ wishes maybe they will have their dreams come true.

Georgie and Claire from The Orc’s Christmas Romance are having their bakery remodeled and they decide to go to the Country Pines motel for a good night’s sleep. If you are familiar with the story than you know Claire was disowned by her father, has always been teased that she is fat and ugly and now the motel has given her and Georgie a room covered in mirrors. She finally learns what Georgie loves about her and what she really looks like to him.

The Ghille Dhu a fae nobleman who comes to town on rare occasions is attending a wedding and feeling lonely. When he gets to the motel, he feels the need for companionship and that is when Marina, a Ruasalka who feeds off men’s sexual energy appears, and they provide each other with what they need.

I loved this book and catching up with some of my favorite characters, something I am sure anyone familiar with these characters will feel. The sex is off the charts which in my opinion is not a bad thing lol.

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