REVIEW: Zentron – The Vetrix Series Book #3- Bill Bush and Blake Bush

Zentron Book Cover Zentron
The Vetrix Series Book #3
Bill Bush and Blake Bush
Science Fiction, Young Adult, Adventure
Snader Publishing Company
June 15, 2022

Earth has just been saved.
A secret weapon awaits the defeated Snaders.

Who can stop the rise of the deadliest threat the universe has ever seen?

With Earth secure for now and Flipper and his family safely holed away in the mountains, it seems that the worst of the Snader-Gude war is over. Allison still needs to be rescued, of course, but the Gudes will handle that on their own. There seems to be nothing more for Flipper and his friends to do, even if Josh is frustrated.

But when the two friends are kidnapped by aliens—again!—and taken to the mysterious planet Zentron, Flipper finds that the universe needs him once more to foil the ultimate Snader plot to activate a secret weapon, stashed away for the day of reckoning.

Aided by ever-faithful Josh and by Anna, Allison’s dog, Flipper will have to do everything in his power to help the hapless Nerds of Zentron repel the coming Snader incursion and prevent the enemy from retrieving their most prized asset and gaining the power to turn the tide of the war on Earth.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Another book by Bill Bush and his teenage son Blake and another must read for all children and adults who love sci-fi.

Flipper (Blake Brick), and Josh and their families have saved Earth from the Snaders only now they are worldwide fugitives. Since they have Snader blood and the world’s water supply has been treated with a poison deadly to Snaders they are hiding somewhere in Colorado at a secret facility.

Allison is still missing after being kidnapped by the U.S. ex-president Sandra Charles and General Jaxxen is trying to find her. The facility they are staying at belongs to Flipper’s grandfather and has all the modern amenities. While showering Flipper sees two green men and when he wakes up, he is not in Colorado anymore and Josh is now green.

Of course, Josh opened his mouth thinking he was funny but unfortunately, he was dealing with a species with no sense of humor and who only works and studies. They discover they are on the planet Zentron and being held by a species called Nerds who have no names, only numbers on their shirts. Zentron is an unknown planet that has been able to keep themselves from being discovered only now the Snaders are heading their way.

The Nerds monitor other planets and discovered that the Gude’s computer picked Flipper as the person that would save the universe so they kidnapped him hoping he can stop the Snaders from landing on their planet. Unfortunately, Flipper and Josh were not the only two taken, Anna, Allison’s little dog went along for the ride, and she is seven pounds of energy.

The Snaders have known about Zentron for thousands of years ever since they landed there and deposited a large box for safety. The box would eventually guarantee them dominance over the world and two Nerds agreed to help them to ensure their planet was not destroyed. They would always have someone ready to help retrieve the box or the outcome with be death for all.

One Snader was sent with a key to unlock the box and dedicated to making sure it would always be protected till it was needed. Now apparently the time has come to release whatever was hidden thousands of years ago.

Flipper’s, Gude friends have come to Zentron to help find Allison and discover what the Snaders are up to but once again a Nerd is ready, willing and able to betray them. The book ends in a cliffhanger, and I am anxious to find the answers to the unanswered questions, where is Allison and why was she taken, what was hidden on Zentron thousands of years ago and will Flipper be able to save the universe.

This is a perfect book for kids who love science and adventure but since I am far, far away from being a kid it also is an interest to adults like me. Blake Bush is a teenager so who better to help write a book about teenagers than him and his father.

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