RELEASE DAY-REVIEW: Novella- A Pound of Flesh- Kenzie Mathews

A Pound of Flesh Book Cover A Pound of Flesh
Kenzie Mathews
Paranormal, Demons, MM Romance, LGBTQ Short Read
Wild Rose Press
April 1, 2024


A deal with a demon for everlasting youth and beauty.
A callous gentleman willing to sacrifice his lover.
A young man offering love while facing the unspeakable.
There are deadly consequences for getting what you desire.
Marlowe loves Bennet no matter what the cost. Bennett, however, is not known for doing the right thing. He can kiss and kill Marlowe to live forever. Or he can kill a demon, sacrificing everything. Will love win over a Demon’s deal?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Bennet is a man who has a cruelness that he doesn’t hesitate to display with the man who loves him, Marlow. No matter how Bennet treats Marlow he always accepts it until Bennet sends him away.

When Bennet requests Marlow to return to him, he doesn’t hesitate. Bennet is not the same man Marlow remembers; he is looking older, and his once handsome face and his once perfect body are looking worn out.

Marlow is unaware of the fact that Bennet made a deal with a demon for a lifetime of beauty, but the cost is a visit from the demon once a year where he extracts Bennet’s lifeforce leaving him looking like death. His call to Marlow is for help, help to destroy the demon and get his lifeforce back.

A short story filled with explicit sex, murder and accepting love.

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