RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Novella-Holy Man’s Sinner Series- Blood Coven World #3- T.M. Smith

Holy Man’s Sinner Series Book Cover Holy Man’s Sinner Series
Blood Coven World #3
T.M. Smith
Paranormal Erotica, Vampire Romance, Novella
Evernight Publishing
April 2, 2024

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

T.M. Smith has written another short novella that is so hot it makes you sweat.

Elisabeta is a vampire with a reputation as a playgirl. She lives up to her reputation but it is wearing on her and so she goes to a sacred shrine where she meets a holy man that will change her forever.

Nelo is the spiritual leader of vampires, the cruor of the congregation and carnemia but when he sees Elisabeta he knows she will be his. Nelo knows that she needs to heal, and it would require her to work at the orphanage caring for the infants. Her first reaction is fear since she is terrified around babies, but it doesn’t take long before she loves it. Nelo announces she is healed and ready for him to make love to her, which he doesn’t hesitate to do.

He is a vampire, a cruor and a male and gives in to all his desires and Elisabeta is what he desires most. When expensive items begin to disappear, it is believed that Elisabeta had stolen them and that she is bad for Nelo, so the Carnemia begin writing him letters to let her go.

What he didn’t realize was that Elisabeta was also being admonished for the harm she was causing Nelo, and she takes it to heart. She has fallen in love with him and is not willing to let her sins wipe off on him.

Nelo will have to remedy the situation and get her back and in doing so they will be subjected to a ritual that could leave one of them dead. Lots of sex, betrayal and surprises.

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