RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Novella- A Cure for Spring Fever -Jelly Beans and Spring Things- Barbara Robinson

A Cure for Spring Fever Book Cover A Cure for Spring Fever
Jelly Beans and Spring Things
Barbara Robinson
Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Short Read
Wild Rose Press
April 22, 2024

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Stan Ross is a Gamekeeper whose job is to keep magical creatures on lockdown in the Enchanted Forest. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of breaches, and it turns out that they all occurred in the areas that Stan warded. Stan realizes that his wards are not holding up for long and he has no idea why. His boss insisted he take time off and the idea of sitting alone in his house felt like a prison sentence. His partner suggested he go to the Spring Festival on Sacred Isle and that seemed like the perfect answer to what he needs. Time to meet with the Priestesses for answers that hopefully will solve his problem while enjoying the activities.

Lynette Peters owns a bakery, and she has recently been visited by magical creatures who tore her kitchen apart. Gamekeepers came to the rescue, but it was her ingenuity that won the day. That was the first time that she and Stan encountered each other but wouldn’t be the last. Tired of trying to find Prince Charming using a dating site matching her up with a troll, and a satyr she shakes thinking about what could be next so off to the Spring Festival on Sacred Isle.

It was at the fertility rites that Stan and Lynette would find their other half, but they wore masks and robes and had no idea who they slept with and who made them feel things they only dreamed about.

It wasn’t until Stan was sent on a mission for coffee and donuts that he entered the bakery and knew instantly that his dream girl was the one standing behind the counter.

Lynette recognized Stan also but despite his desire for them to get to know each other better she couldn’t get past her fear. If there was a chance for a HEA Lynette would have to be strong enough to face her fears.

A short, sweet love story with two people who find their other half at a magical festival and face the fact that even in their ordinary lives away from magic they can find a HEA.

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