REVIEW: Impossible Tasks- Alexa Santi

Impossible Tasks Book Cover Impossible Tasks
Alexa Santi
Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Folklore, Multi Cultural
Oct 12, 2023

o Lady Mirade, it seems a simple task: abduct the sorcerer son of her clan’s greatest enemy and persuade him to teach her the magic she needs to defend her family and her keep. She never expects her greatest battle to be against the forbidden desire that burns between them.

The Lord Sorcerer Lorien’s task is to escape and return to his own clan so they can resume their feud. But even as he remains Mirade’s prisoner, he finds himself enchanted by her determination and passion to protect her people.

As they grow ever closer, finding a way to resolve the feud so they can be together may prove to be the most impossible task of all.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Lady MiradeMochain was left to protect her clan from being seized by Lord Ohrean of the Brodhan Clan who her clan had been enemies with for years. Her brother has left to find a husband for Mirade increasing their ability to protect the clan and that left her alone to face whatever Lord Ohrean has planned.

She took a huge risk when she decided to kidnap Lord Ohrean’s son Lord Sorcerer Lorien knowing that doing so was a death sentence if she failed. She wants Lorien to teach her magic that will enable her to defend against his dad, so it is a catch twenty-one betray his father and clan or risk death by refusing.

Lorien is chained with iron which is blocking his magic. His arms, legs and even around his throat are iron chains although on the plus side he is not in a dungeon but in a tower and provided with everything he needs. He has furniture, a bed, food and is treated well but all he can think about is a way to escape and all he needs is some kind of tool to remove his chains.

As Lorien and Mirade work together and get to know each other an attraction forms, surprising each of them. They are both aware that there is no hope for a relationship, they are enemies, but their heart is on a different wavelength than their brain.

When Mirade accuses Lorien’s father of murdering her father and stealing their gramarye he finds it hard to believe it would be dishonorable to steal another’s gramarye. Mirade is a sorceress, but she didn’t have the proper training to strengthen her power which is why she needs Lorien.

Before the feud began Mirade’s clan would take out their large ships and travel bringing back goods that made them wealthy now they must rely on what the farmers grow and what they can catch from the sea leaving them just surviving. Lorien’s father is not attacking, just waiting and when supplies are used up, they will be left to starve.

This is a wonderful story about a prisoner and his jailer falling in love and working together to bring an end to a feud between their two clans.

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