RELEASE DAY – REVIEW: Timeless Honor – Ramseys in Time #1 – Amber Daulton

Timeless Honor Book Cover Timeless Honor
Ramseys in Time #1
Amber Daulton
Time Travel Romance
Aber Daulton Publishing
June 11, 2024


Soul mates born centuries apart. A portal awakens to unite them.
Jaye Ramsey vacations in Bolivia with her friends to prove to her eccentric grandmother that time travel isn’t real. Then she stumbles upon a vortex in the Salar de Uyuni and winds up in Hawksatter, England, 1735—the same town her grandmother had supposedly vanished from as a young woman.
Accused of murdering his bride on their wedding day a decade earlier, Lord Lucas Kenway closed the family farm and shut out the world. He never expected the strange, secretive woman he found sleeping on his doorstep to turn his quiet life upside down—or slip into his bed.
After Jaye discovers a way back to her own time, she’s left with an impossible choice—stay in the past and never see her beloved grandparents again, or return home and lose the only man she’s ever loved.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


Jaye Ramsey and her friends are vacationing in Bolivia and despite her grandmother’s warnings about time-travel there she ignores it as just rambling. When two of her friends disappear, Jaye finds herself searching for them, but she gets lost and finds her grandmother’s ramblings were real. Jaye finds herself in Hawksatter, England in 1735.

Jaye wakes up to a man standing over her in what appears to be a small cottage. The man introduces himself as Lord Lucas Kenway and Jaye immediately knows who he is. He is her grandmother’s first husband and though they never consummated the marriage Jaye is shocked.

Jaye is a strong-willed woman and says what she means, and this is a century where a woman is not respected. When Lucas reveals the story of his marriage, a marriage that was arranged by both fathers where there was no love so when Leonora disappeared everyone pointed to Lucas as her killer. Jaye knows the true story, but it is a story she can’t reveal without being accused of being crazy.

The entire town hates him and when Jaye shows up in town with him everyone wants to protect her from a murderer. Jaye knows him to be a decent man and not deserving of the hatred he receives so she verbally berates those who are showing him a total lack of respect.

Lucas takes Jaye to live with him while she tries to recover her memory, a memory she tells him is lost to her other than the fact that she comes from far away. Lucas has two servants and between them and him they do all the chores. He has let the manor and property go to disrepair, weeds choking the garden while he lives with the hatred for a crime, he is innocent of.

Lucas suspects that Jaye is not a virgin, and she confirms it, so he makes a proposal for her to be his mistress since her purity no longer is an issue. Jaye refuses but soon gives in since her feelings for Lucas have grown and if she manages to get back to her time why not enjoy herself while she is here.

Secrets, lies, romance and sex in addition to two wonderful main characters and two amazing secondary characters. This is a book that I can’t recommend highly enough, and it is a visit to the eighteenth century.

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