REVIEW: Midnights Honour-The Cynn Cruors Bloodline- #12- Isobelle Cate

Midnight's Honour Book Cover Midnight's Honour
The Cynn Cruors Bloodline- #12
Isobelle Cate
Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance, Alpha Male
March 5, 2024
Entwined by fate, torn by war, Craig and Seth confront their passion and a hidden enemy threatening their world's survival.

Annaseth 'Seth' Holmes hates Craig Shaw's guts as much as her full first name. As the Cynn Mortal Corps leader, she has to work with him closely and it takes a lot of willpower not to punch the smirk off his face. Even if it heats her blood and reminds her of the one stolen kiss they shared that sparked her desire.

Craig Shaw, Colin Butler's second in command, has taken over as interim Dux of the Leeds Faesten to give Colin time to grieve. Seth Holmes is a constant thorn in his side yet he can't stop thinking about the kiss they shared that pierced through the walls he had built around his heart.

When Scatha mortals assault Cynn Cruors’ establishments and the Faesten, Craig realises that Seth means more to him than his life. Until someone from Seth's past puts a wedge between them, destroying the fledgling happiness they've found in each other arms.

Cast away from everything she knows, Seth finds herself in Penzance, seeking solace in the anonymity to put the pieces of her life back together. But her past is hell bent on claiming her and isn't far behind.

Craig isn't one to give up on his destined mate but can he reach her in time?

Or is Seth lost to him forever?

***CONTENT WARNING: This story contains adult language and sexual situations and intended for audiences 18+ ONLY***

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Annaseth Holmes is the leader of the Cynn Mortals and when the Scatha mortals blow up the club considered a safe place she takes it hard. Unfortunately, the club is just one place that has been attacked, the Scatha are on a rampage. It was two of Seth’s own that were responsible for giving the Scatha access to the club.

With everything going on Seth finds herself having to work closely with Craig Shaw, the Cynn warrior she kissed four years ago and has not been able to forget. Craig is now the acting Dux of the Leeds Faesten for Colin Butler who is grieving over the loss of being with his brother.

When a child is abducted from a school as well as a mate thingsgo from bad to worse. Centuries ago, Craig was handfasted to the woman he loved and before he could complete their bond she was murdered. Craig swore he would never love another woman until he finds himself falling hard for Seth. Why he was able to love another woman and didn’t react to the loss of the one he married and loved will become clear to him and it will be an unexpected surprise.

The fight against the Scatha continues, Craig and Seth grow closer and then someone from Seth’s past shows up and causes her to question the Cynn mortals, Cynn Warriors and Craig’s feelings towards her. Kurt Parks the man from her past has put her loyalty in question and it forces her to resign and leave everyone and everything behind her.

When Craig realizes his mistake and his loss, he knows he must follow Seth, determined to make sure she is safe and hopefully apologize to her. She finds herself in Penzance being helped by the woman who owns the cafe, a woman with secrets that will shock and surprise Seth.

Seth had a difficult childhood with parents who ignored her in favor of her sister, so she walked away from them in her pursuit of becoming the Cynn mortal leader. She will learn about her past and it will answer all her questions about why she wasn’t wanted.

There are a lot of surprises, secrets and suspense. The sex is hot, and it was wonderful following as Seth and Craig reached for their HEA. This is a wonderful series and I highly recommend it to any who love stories with strong females and sexy males.

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