REVIEW: The Precipice of Understanding- Daranii Alliance #2- C. J. Dragon

The Precipice of Understanding Book Cover The Precipice of Understanding
Daranii Alliance #2
C. J. Dragon
Science Fiction, Gay Romance
Nov 28, 2023


How much can one man give when faced with the prejudice of two worlds?

Acknowledged at last by the Governing Council, his life mating accepted, Jonathan Thomsin makes a home on Daran with his husband, Talin of the Warrior Order. He knows he will never see Earth or his family again and learns to live with that endless grief.

Jon is ecstatic when the Daranii Council gives Jon permission to return to Earth for life-saving surgery and allows him to contact and stay with his family for six months.

He will be healed in body, his grief left behind on Daran. Everything is possible, even peace between Daran and Earth. There are many issues to solve, people to convince, and prejudices to overcome.

For Jon, there was one problem that overshadowed the rest. He had been irrevocably changed while on Daran.

Jon forgot the old adage “you can’t go home again.”

This is book 2 in the Daranii Justice Series, you must read book one, The Price of Surrender, before reading The Promise of Sacrifice to enjoy the full story.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

After three months of separation Jon is finally coming back to Daran. His parents are visiting since the plague on Earth and Jon was doing his best to help the President of the United States but now it is time to go home.

Jon knows that the stay will be short-lived since he and Talin will be leaving for a fact-finding mission to the colonies. An enemy is attacking and leaving waste in their wake and Talin will oversee finding out who the enemy is and destroying them. Those colonies who are peaceful and have no weapons have been spared but the warrior facility was destroyed, and half the warriors lay dead.

When the enemy is finally discovered is an enemy they met two centuries ago, the Strakaan. Daran won that first battle and forgot them, but the Strakaandidn’t forget and worked on their weapons. This time when Talin ordered the Strakaan ships destroyed they proved their strength and for the first time in their history Daran lost the battle leaving one ship destroyed and dead and wounded warriors.

Talin is punished for the loss but not as severe as it could have been, i.e. death. If Talin was put to death Jon would shortly follow so death was ruled out but it became Talin’s job to visit all the families of the dead, a heartbreaking situation but one he accepted. It was a speech by Jon that turned the tables, Daran became lacks since they never lost a battle. Now it is apparent there are others out there stronger.

It was Jon that woke up the Daranii to the fact that they are vulnerable because of their belief in their past of never losing. Jon would have tried to contact the enemy ship, Talin didn’t, Jon would not have attacked, Talin did and lost. Now Daran is willing to follow Jon’s approach when they once again face the enemy.

Dulan has made it his mission to show Jon’s parents Daran and introduce them to their museums and shows so their stay is filled with wonder while also filled with fear over their son and son-in-law. Their stay on Daran saved them from the plague which is now under control so returning home before war breaks out is essential.

Talin and Jon’s love and bond grow stronger despite the obstacles thrown in their path, the biggest being war. This is a must-read series and if you are not familiar with it then I highly recommend beginning with the first series Darantii Justice, the beginning of Jon and Talin’s story and it is quite a story.

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