REVIEW: Wolf Spirit- Wolves of the West- Linda Thomas- Sundstrom

Wolf Spirit Prequel Novella Book Cover Wolf Spirit Prequel Novella
Wolves of the West
Linda Thomas- Sundstrom
Novella, Short Read, Paranormal Fantasy, Romance
March 28, 2024

Desperado is a ghost town now, but are there ghosts?

Arizona local Madeline is in search of the spirit of her dead mother on Desperado's streets, but a handsome ex-Texas ranger named Hunter might get in her way.

As Desperado's new caretaker, Hunter seeks peace and some alone time. He won't get either once Madeline rides into town... and villains follow.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is a prequel to the Wolves of the West series and a welcome addition to an amazing series.

Madeline (Maddie) is a she-wolf living in Arizona and has a fascination with Desperado, a movie set that became a tourist attraction and is now deserted. Her adopted mother died in Desperado; she believes there are spirits and hopes one of them is her mother who she wants to make contact with.

She visits nightly hoping to have her belief about spirits prove to be a reality only she runs into the new caretaker who will interfere with her nightly visits. Hunter Carlson lost his entire family in a fire. He is a Texas Ranger but in desperate need of peace and quiet so for the next year he will take the time he needs to deal with his loss.

When Maddie appears, he knows immediately that she is a she-wolf and can be trouble. He is attracted to her and that can interfere with his desire for peace. She introduces him to her pack which includes her father and her biological brother who was also adopted.

The pack accepts Hunter in their territory unaware of trouble following him from Texas. Hunter is assaulted by a human with a gun calling him a monster. The man travelled from Texas after seeing him in his wolf form and is determined to kill him and any others he finds. A confrontation leaves Hunter in one piece thanks to Maddie and he is left to return to his home, not a wise move but what does Hunter do with him.

Of course, the man wasn’t brave enough to face a werewolf alone and others show up ready to kill. Unfortunately, they picked the night of the full moon when the pack was stronger and faster leaving all the would-be assassins captured. That is when Maddie learns of an ability, she was never aware of and the answer to what to do with the men they captured.

As with all of Ms. Sunstrom’s books I couldn’t put this one down even though it was a novella and not very long. Romance, sex, secrets, spirits and surprises. Hunter and Maddie know immediately they are meant to be together, but they live in two different states. Will Maddie leave her family in Arizona and move with Hunter or has Hunter found the place, mate and peace he was hoping for.

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