Cover Me in Chocolate-Susan Mac Nicol

Cover Me in Chocolate Book Cover Cover Me in Chocolate
Fetish Alley Book 3
Susan Mac Nicol
MM Erotic Suspense
Boroughs Publishing Group
October 21, 2019


A missing young woman, an abusive boyfriend, and a trail with dead-end clues have Clay Mortimer and Tate Williams of M&W Investigations chasing their tails. Not a position they often find themselves in, if ever. When an employee of the erotic chocolate shop in Fetish Alley disappears, the usual suspects don't pan out, and Tate and Clay need to find the clue that'll help them solve the case. When chocolate molds of the missing woman's body parts start being delivered and are accompanied by odd notes, the urgency to find her ratchets up. And through it all, Tate and Clay find all sorts of delicious ways to spice up their love.

Review by Gloria Lakritz
Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This is the third in this series, and by far the best in this newest series by Susan MacNicol. As a reader of her Men of London series, this new series gave fans a peek into the old world we loved.

Clay Mortimer and Tate Williams have formed M&W Investigations. Many of the old gang are still doing appearances throughout, as well. We fans always remember the hotness of these two men together, and they still haven’t cooled that off, and it doesn’t look like it will anytime soon.

These new stories/ mysteries have been in a place in the community called Fetish Alley. I loved the creation of Fetish Alley and all the amazing shops that are located there. The entertaining names of the different places and ‘specialty’ shops were fun to read about.

We find the new mystery is that a young woman from the Alley disappeared and Cay and Tate begin the task of trying to find one of their own. There have been two supporting characters Aurelio and Tomas, who are peppered through all three books. Clay and Tate and readers watch them become a couple with their hot tempers and spicy sex.

I loved this series, and hope Ms MacNicol continues to #4.

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