HOLIDAY RELEASE- REVIEW: Regifted- Kim Fielding

Regifted Book Cover Regifted
Kim Fielding
90 Minute Short Read, LGBTQ Fiction, Gay Romance
Tin Box Press
Nov 28, 2023

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Kim Fielding I have discovered thru the years can write a story, so intimate, so feeling and get a reader so involved in a 46 page Holiday Gift to her readers. That is what Regifted is, a gift to her readers.

Chris Carvalho lives alone now, since his beloved husband died two years ago. He lives in their small house in the mountains in the Sierra Nevada’s. It’s been 2 years now and he decides its time to get rid of his late husbands prized possession, his motor cycle. He discusses this with a friend who says he will ask around.

Chris gets someone who is interested. Monroe Ogdon, a rancher from the valley comes to take a look at the bike, knowing it can never be in his, the price range would be more than he could afford. He just wanting to see it. They visit, talk, and Monroe offers to stay for dinner and cook something for Chris because he loves cooking….

Chris feels that giving Monroe the bike as a gift is the right thing to do. The man is kind and will enjoy the bike as Chris doesn’t ride, and they load it in Monroe’s truck. The relationship grows, with Chris having quite a secret and is challenged to either share it, and have a new partner or be lonely forever.

I loved this story, It did not feel rushed, while we watched two lonely men, found more than they expected. Sweet story for anytime….Best tho for the Holidays.

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