HOLIDAY REVIEW: The Orc’s Christmas Romance- Pine Ridge Universe- S.C. Principale

The Orc's Christmas Romance Book Cover The Orc's Christmas Romance
Pine Ridge Universe
S.C. Principale
Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance
Nov 5, 2023

Welcome back to Pine Ridge, New York, a place where man and monster live in harmony… and even fall in love.

But not in Georgie’s case. The hulking green Orc chef of The Pine Loft coffee shop knows that a human woman could put up with an Orc or a workaholic chef, but not both! That is, until he meets Claire, a determined culinary student who falls in love with his food and has no idea of his true identity.

Stubborn Claire refuses to stop pursuing the man who captures her heart with his food and his deep, sonorous voice, even if he refuses to show his face. Will her heart still belong to Georgie once she learns the truth?

Indulge in a steamy tale of monster romance that will delight fans of C.M. Nascosta and The Minotaur’s Valentine.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Pine Ridge Universe is my favorite place, amazing characters both human and monster, romance, sex and each story a standalone. This story is about the daughter of a billionaire and the owner of the town café. A human and an orc and a Christmas romance for the ages.

Claire Langdon grew up with money and without love and affection. She is a short plump girl who never lived up to expectations and it wasn’t until her mother got sick that the bond between mother and daughter grew stronger. When her mom died Claire went into a deep state of depression, requiring medicine and therapy and when she finally was able to get out of bed, she announced to her father that she wanted to be a pastry chef and open a bakery. It didn’t go well, and her father refused to pay for culinary school after promising he would.

Claire’s father insisted she work for him for two years and then he would pay for school, which enraged Claire since she had already been accepted. Her father told her she would starve to death if she left, and he would give her nothing, but it didn’t stop her from going. Taking whatever money, she had saved and doing a little research he decided Pine Ridge, NY would be a good place since rents would be cheaper than NYC and she would submit an application for a job at a restaurant that was hiring.

She found an apartment and got the job, so she was off to a great start. When she went to the Pine Loft Café after hearing about their amazing pastry, she discovered pastry heaven. She can’t get into culinary school yet but that doesn’t mean she can’t learn while working and maybe the pastry chef in the café would be willing to give her lessons.

Georgie Fenclan and his sister own the café and his kitchen is off limits to everyone including his sister. When he peeks at the new girl in town, it is instant love, she is the perfect size, she is beautiful and everything he could want but she is human, and he is an orc. Georgie is huge, green and grumpy and his happy place is his kitchen. Then he gets a note from Claire asking if he would teach her to make pastry and he agrees if it is on the computer where he could cover up so he would not be very visible. All he had to do was make sure recipes where the only thing Claire could see.

Once a week Claire and Georgie work together and his passion for her just keeps growing.
Claire is comfortable with her teacher, ignorant of the fact that he is not human and half the people she sees aren’t either. When Georgie finds it impossible to hide his feelings, he decides it is time for the big reveal. Claire looked at him and fainted. Well, he risked it, and it didn’t pay off, or so he thinks. See this huge green man would shake anyone up but when she comes to, she admits at first it was a shock, but she isn’t afraid of him and that is the beginning of what hopefully will be a romance leading to marriage.

Claire and Georgie are both virgins, she because no one really wanted to be with her, and he because he just doesn’t like being with anyone until his perfect woman showed up, and now she has.

If you haven’t read the books in the Pine Ridge Universe, you are missing out and if you try one of the books in this series, I can’t image not wanting to continue reading them all. There is a lot of sex, secrets and an entire new use for frozen peas lol. It was also great to get up to date on some of the characters from previous books.

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