Holiday Release REVIEW : The Heart of St. Nick – A.D. Ellis

The Heart of St. Nick Book Cover The Heart of St. Nick
A.D. Ellis
Gay Holiday Romance, Gay Romance,
A.D. Ellis Publishing
Nov 2, 2022

Hayden Green is the epitome of a cheery, generous, small-town guy. He keeps himself busy in a tiny railroad town tucked in the hills of the Midwest by helping others. If he also finds himself wishing for a tall, dark, and handsome man to waltz into town and sweep him off his feet, who can blame him?

Gannon Snow closed himself off to emotions and connections a long time ago. He’ll head back to his late grandfather’s beloved holiday town, but only to sell the old man’s house and store. He has his own business to run and no time for feelings. Much to his chagrin, Gannon gets caught up in nostalgia and finds himself mesmerized by a happy little holiday helper.

Hayden and Gannon share an instant connection, but Gannon isn’t staying and Hayden isn’t keen on a broken heart. However, the universe—and maybe some holiday magic, which Gannon most definitely doesn’t believe in—has a different plan, and the men find themselves smack dab in the middle of a small-town Christmas romance.

**The Heart of St. Nick is a steamy, forced proximity, small-town M/M holiday romance with a slight age gap between a bowtie and suspender-wearing good guy and an emotionally-stunted man with a cold heart just waiting to be melted.**


Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Gannon Snow is leaving LA for Saint Nicholas Crossing where streets are named after reindeer and where he must settle his grandfather’s estate. His grandfather left a house, and a store and Gannon will have no problem selling them since he is one of the top realtors in LA. Gannon is a man who has built walls around his heart thanks to his parents who taught him that there is no such thing as love since neither of them had any idea how to. He is leaving nothing behind since his assistant Ellen will take care of everything and as far as friends or lovers are concerned there are none. He is convinced he is incapable of loving or being loved and the only one that ever showed him love was his grandfather who he loved but never bothered to visit, only sending a letter occasionally or cards for holidays and birthdays. Now that his grandfather is gone, he is filled with guilt for not being there for him.

Typical Gannon he rented a red sports car, and it was not long before reality set in, the sports car would not get up the hills in Saint Nicholas Crossing and he would have to find someone to drive him. He entered the store his grandfather left him, a general store larger than he remembered and manned by a man that stole his breath away and was not his type. Bow tie, suspenders, crazy socks and a cheerful attitude that made him even more handsome.

Hayden Green only left Saint Nicholas Crossing to attend college and tried living in the city but couldn’t wait to return to the town he loved. Although he is gay finding someone to love in town was something almost impossible and although he dreamed of finding the love of his life it did not appear to be in his near future. Despite everything Hayden wouldn’t leave Saint Nicholas Crossing and would just go about doing what he loved, teaching part-time and working at the store run by his parents and the very store Gannon is there to sell. Hayden remembered Gannon from the times he used to visit his grandfather and now the man of his dreams, tall, handsome, with dark hair is standing in his store. Hayden knew that Gannon would probably arrive to take care of his grandfather’s estate never for a minute anticipating his desire to sell the store that is the heart of Saint Nicholas Crossing the place where those in need get help, and no child went without a toy to open on Christmas.

Hayden has no problem displaying his feelings for Gannon while Gannon holds on to the walls he has built around his heart. He is very attracted to Hayden, but Gannon will be leaving and living in Saint Nicholas Crossing with trains going by constantly is out of the question. As much as Gannon wants to stay with Hayden, he is afraid and keeps looking for a sign, a sign that comes in the form of a letter from his grandfather.

This is the perfect Christmas story filled with amazing characters and Christmas magic enough magic that a man incapable of love finds it.



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