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The Price of Sacrifice Book Cover The Price of Sacrifice
Daranii Justice #2
C.J. Dragon
Science Fiction, LGBTQ Science Fiction Romance, Military Romance
Nov 1, 2022

How much can one man give when faced with the prejudice of two worlds?

Acknowledged at last by the Governing Council, his life mating accepted, Jonathan Thomsin makes a home on Daran with his husband, Talin of the Warrior Order. He knows he will never see Earth or his family again and learns to live with that endless grief.

Jon is ecstatic when the Daranii Council gives Jon permission to return to Earth for life-saving surgery and allows him to contact and stay with his family for six months.

He will be healed in body, his grief left behind on Daran. Everything is possible, even peace between Daran and Earth. There are many issues to solve, people to convince, and prejudices to overcome.

For Jon, there was one problem that overshadowed the rest. He had been irrevocably changed while on Daran.

Jon forgot the old adage “you can’t go home again.”

This is book 2 in the Daranii Justice Series, you must read book one, The Price of Surrender, before reading The Promise of Sacrifice to enjoy the full story.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the second book in the series and to fully appreciate this series I highly recommend reading them in order.

Jon is finally living his dream of a visit to Earth and his family. Talin and a group of guards are greeted by Jon’s parents at a long-awaitedreunion, and one filled with love both for Jon and Talin. Before leaving Daran, Talin insisted on revealing the role he played in Jon’s torture and his eventual forgiveness, giving Jon’s parents a chance to change their minds about welcoming him into the family. It took no time for them to forgive Talin just as Jon did.

Jon’s lifesaving surgery to repair the damage done to him on Daran is all set up and there is both a feeling of fear and a feeling of hope. The surgery was a success but not as successful as Jon hoped since he was not 100% but 90% since some of the damage was so severe a full repair was impossible. Jon is finally released to return to his childhood home in Iowa. Talin is welcomed as a son and when Jon’s sister arrives, he is welcomed as a brother.

Jon and Talin’s desire are for Earth and Daran to finally put the war behind them and find peace. To help Talin and Jon agree to do an interview revealing all that happened when Jon was sent to Daran as a sacrifice to ensure no more attacks against Earth. Retelling his story brings Jon’s PTSD to a new high and he refuses to ever talk about it again. Talin is heartbroken when Jon calls out stop, please kill me, the words he said to Talin during his worst torture. As life-mates Talin feels all the emotions of his husband and his guilt becomes overpowering.

The interview brought out the crazies surrounding Jon’s parent’s home with posters screaming every kind of obscenity and threatening to kill Jon for sleeping with a Daranii. His sacrifice to save his planet ensuring that the very ones screaming for his death were guaranteed freedom are totally forgotten.

Unfortunately, this behavior is nothing new, it is the same behavior that everyone on Earth suffers if they are different. But Earth is not alone in their hatred because there is danger on Daran, the head of the Council forced to give up his position due to his prejudice against Jon has formed a radical group calling for Jon’s death and death to Earth.

Jon and Talin’s love never waivers and Talin discovered bacon, (everything’s better with bacon) and insists on bringing some back to Daran but his desire to put the recliner chair on his ship fell on deaf ears.

I love this series there are secrets, sex, romance and surprises. The only problem I have is that I will have to wait for book three and hopefully it won’t be a long wait.

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