Holiday REVIEW: Holiday Heroes- Janie Crouch and Regan Black

Holiday Heroes- Book Cover Holiday Heroes-
Janie Crouch and Regan Black
Later in Life Romance, Holiday Romance, Short Stories
Calamittie Jane Publishing
Dec 6, 2023

These heroes will protect their women from danger and won’t let them spend the holidays alone…

Includes two full books for one great price!

A Fairytale Hero — Jackson Prince thought love was done for him when his wife died five years ago. But the shy girl he never forgot from high school saving his life on Christmas Eve proves him wrong. Now they'll both learn it's never too late for love.

A Hero in Paradise - The holidays lost their shine for Will Frasier after his wife passed. Bucking traditions, he’s headed for Key West to do a friend a favor. One that brings him face to face with a woman who still believes in miracles… and that it’s never too late for love.

The Never Too Late for Love books are for readers who know that love isn’t just for the young. Dig into this romantic suspense series—perfect bite-size stories packed with passion, danger, and characters you can relate to!

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


A Fairytale Hero: Janie Crouch

Chandra Priestly is fifty-one years old divorced and with a daughter doing an internship in Singapore. She paid for her husband to attend medical school and after their daughter was born, he decided that being a husband and father was not in his DNA. Now she is the owner of the Corner Cafe, a decision she made, and hopes it will work out. Fairytale is where she grew up and now, she is home.

Christmas Eve, business is slow, so she sends her waitress and cook home to be with their families. Ready for the end of the day two very seedy looking men come in for coffee and show her a picture of a man they are looking for; a man she insists she doesn’t know. When they finally leave another man enters this one dressed well and doesn’t appear dangerous. When he asks who the men were looking for, she immediately realizes this was something that he should not know about unless he was part of the first two men who came.

When she is finally free to go home and enters her car, she sees a man in the back seat holding a gun. This is now turning into a disastrous Christmas Eve, but it doesn’t take long till she realizes the man in the back is Jackson Prince the man in the picture and a man she remembers from high school. He was the one under the bleachers in a storm that was her first kiss, but she ran, and it has been nearly three decades since. He remembers her and the kiss and now the two of them are running for their lives.

It seems that no matter how familiar Jackson is with the area the bad guys are always one step behind them. Going to the family cabin to dry off from the snow, get warm and have something to eat they feel a sense of relief, but the relief is short-lived, and they are once again forced to run. Jackson lost his wife to cancer five years ago and during his marriage they managed to open their home to ten children, some their own, some adopted and some just taken in and given a family and love.

This book is full of suspense, Jackson has been injured and Chandra went from sewing cloth to sewing skin, but she never backed down from what was happening showing courage that few men or women would show. It took a near death experience to reunite two lonely middle-aged people, but age is just numbers and sometimes it leads to a love that will be lasting.

A Hero in Paradise: Regan Black

Maureen Lassiter is the owner of Beachcomber in Key West and is ready to lock up and leave when she sees two men outside on the patio one man runs and the other is dead. She now is a witness to a murder and has no choice but to hire protection. It is Christmas Eve, and everyone is shorthanded, but a favor is called in and as luck would have it a protector just happens to be in Key West, a protector that would both save her life and change it for the better.

Will Frasier is in Key West on vacation with his three grown sons but when asked by the Guardian Agency to help he couldn’t refuse. When he arrives to meet Maureen, he is instantly attracted to her something he hasn’t felt for another woman since his wife died eight years ago. Maureen did not have a HEA relationship, but it did bring her a different kind of happiness with the birth of her son Tim.

There are attempts on her life, attempts that didn’t succeed due to her determination to fight back and Will’s determination to protect her at all costs. Fortunately, Will’s three sons willingly offer their help in addition to the help the agency is supplying. She is moved to a hotel for her safety and while Will and Maureen are together their desire for one another grows. Both are in their fifties and never expected to find love at their age, but age is just a number and means nothing.

A beautiful story about two people who think it is too late for them. People of their age are more likely to have a forever love since they have experience in life unlike so many who marry young and don’t make it. Will knew what it was like to have a happy marriage till cancer took his wife. He raised three sons and never expected to be blessed with a second chance. Maureen never had a man in her life and raised her son alone but now she has a chance at a do over.

It is never too late for love is a multi-author series and these two stories by two different authors was a Christmas gift. Two stories at Christmas time that did not begin with Joy but began with life threatening moments but in the end became Christmas miracles.

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