HOLIDAY REVIEW: Monsters, Marriage, and Mistletoe – Pine Ridge Universe- S.C. Principale

Monsters, Marriage, and Mistletoe Book Cover Monsters, Marriage, and Mistletoe
Pine Ridge Universe
S.C. Principale
Science Fiction, Christmas, Holiday, Romance
Dec 16, 2023

Frankenstein made them. Life tore them apart. Can the holidays bring them back together?

Rhea (AKA Mrs. Stein) has never gotten over her ex ending their marriage and abandoning her, but after several lifetimes apart, it’s time for them to bury the hatchet, the pitchforks, and the flaming torches, and be mature adults. After all, they’re both over two hundred.

Manny Finklestein changed his name when he left Europe decades ago. He thought leaving Rhea behind would be the best thing for her. It was his fault that such a beautiful creature even existed—and was branded as a hideous monster.

Manny is in shock (no pun intended) when he gets a message that Rhea is not only alive but in Pine Ridge for the holidays to say goodbye, part as friends—and get him to sign divorce papers.

But what happens when magic, mistletoe, and merry-making combine with the former Mr. and Mrs.? Could they be destined for a real shot at love outside of a madman’s lab? It’ll take a holiday miracle to re-make this monster match.

Monsters, Marriage, and Mistletoe is a standalone novella in the Pine Ridge universe. Inside, you'll find a sweet holiday novella with a happily ever after and a high dose of steam. It's the perfect treat if you like your nice with a side of spice!

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This was a romance for the ages, 200 years to be exact. Dr. Frankenstein who we are all familiar with made a man who wanted a companion and that gave birth to Rhea his bride. Man was new to the world and Rhea was even newer, but they were thrown together because a maniac decided to play God.

Man, and Rhea did have marital sex with neither of them having any idea of what they were doing but Man loved his wife and when a mob came attacking, he ensured she was safe and left her. A year after the attack he found the man who created them and killed him.

With luck Man got on a ship and headed to New York and changed his name to Manny Finkelstein. He eventually found himself in Pine Ridge, New York, a place where supernaturals live together and help each other. He owns Manny’s Automotive and has for 120 years. Rhea has never been far from his mind and hoped that she has had a wonderful life. She was beautiful to him and didn’t deserve to be tied down to a monster.

Rhea has established herself as a freelance photographer and her attempt at getting a mortgage has proved difficult. On paper she has a marriage certificate but cannot prove she has or ever had a husband. When a private detective she hired found Manny she headed to him to fix her problem and sign divorce papers. Like Manny she always thought about him and loved him, but her biggest mistake was in never telling him.

Their reunion was one for the books, oh that’s right this book. A love story lasting 200 years but is it too late to start over. Well, it is the holidays, so magic is in the air for everyone. Manny celebrates every holiday since he figures he is made up of many male parts, so it is only fair he celebrates for all of them.

This novella is the amazing story of The Bride of Frankenstein and a HEA for two creations from the mind of a human monster.

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