NEW RELEASE – REVIEW: Bony Bony : Salem Supernaturals Book #9- Lisa Carlisle

Bony Bony Book Cover Bony Bony
Salem Supernaturals Book #9
Lisa Carlisle
Rockstar Romance, Paranormal Romance, Werewolves and Shifters
April 5, 2024

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is a series that guarantees romance and a good time. This story follows a lot of characters from previous books, and it focuses on Gianna and Sebastian who we met in book two “Hot in Witch City”.

Gianna and Sebastian are married and happy in addition to Nova, Diego, Lucas, Zoe who have also found their other half. A fun night out at an outdoor concert would lead to trouble when Gianna is at the merch table and is approached by a man named Zane. Zane is a vampire and is fixated on her determined to have her for himself and getting rid of her husband.

Zane begins by showing up at Gianna’s club and inviting her to see his band play. He encourages her to get up on stage with the band and sing and that is when he realizes that her stage presence, beauty and voice could shoot the band into the stratosphere. Now he just must get her to agree to join them on tour and accept immortality. Fortunately, for him one of his bandmates practices dark magic.

Gianna is totally unaware of Zane’s intentions. She is busy focusing on a new idea for her club “Halfway to Halloween” party, in June. Everyone has promised to attend decked out in full costume. When one of her staff walks in the club with a full skeleton that was left outside the club, she uses it as a prop, and it will go great for the party. She has no idea that the skeleton was bespelled by Zane’s bandmate and he can see everything she is doing.

So far there has not been any danger to Gianna until she receives a beautiful necklace with a thank you card signed by the entire band. Since it did not come from Zane directly and she loves it she doesn’t want to take it off. This is where the trouble begins because the necklace has caused her to turn on Sebastian to the point, she wants them to separate.

Sebastian is suffering, Gianna is his mate, and a wolf has only one mate in their lifetime.

She refuses to say what is wrong because she doesn’t know it is dark magic. She now considers going on tour with Zane and his band and Zane is winning over Gianna.

This was a fun read, and it was nice to catch up with characters from previous books. Every Salem Supernatural’s book is filled with romance, humor and amazing characters.

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