REVIEW: Her Alien Warrior – Necia Alien Warriors Book #2- Sky Robert

Her Alien Warrior Book Cover Her Alien Warrior
Necia Alien Warriors Book #2
Sky Robert
Later in Life Romance- Science Fiction
Broken Books
April 2, 2024

An alien warrior's fated mate may unlock a rut that could just as well kill him as save him.

Both broken from their past, meeting each other could be their second chance at a love worth fighting for.

When Renee, a late 40's mother of two grown daughters, joins the human exchange program, H.E.T., she had no expectations for joining a study on human attraction to aliens. She was well past her biological clock telling her to breed, and she needed the distance from Earth to figure out what to do with her future.

It wasn't until she boarded her shuttle, found her eldest daughter lied about her study abroad program being on Earth, and her internship was under an alien general that Renee couldn't seem to tear her eyes from. He was smart, strong, and her body betrayed her for the first time since she was a teenager, but she was keeping a secret too that she might let destroy her second chance at love.

General Sou-el fought for everything he had, from his title to his very life when he was a spawnling. He had all but given up on having to fight again for a mate, as he was not a warrior of brute strength, but of the mind. He honored his goddess with research to benefit the tribe, as his glands were damaged beyond saving.

At least, he thought so, until he met a human participant in his research studies that has him seeing blue, and experiencing a rut he never thought he was capable of. She was his to claim, if only there wasn't a chasm of doubt between them and a future commander who's taken an interest in finding a human mate.

They will each have to fight their inner demons to win a love that could last a lifetime.

Fans of Grace Goodwin, Laurann Dohner, and Ruby Dixon will love this steamy new series featuring strong, respectful, possessive, alien warrior heroes and the sassy, powerful women who save them!

Dive into a fated mates, spicy monster love romance with instalust, exhibitionism, blood play, primal play, strong female empowerment, alpha male with consent, vampire-like warriors, and alien extremities. Join the fated mates of the Alien Warriors of Necias Prime in the Treasures of Trillume Universe. All stand-alone romances, within a fun interwoven plot of the universe.

Review By S.C. Principale
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Her Alien Warrior is the perfect later in life alien romance with passion, steam, and a happy ending.

When Renee realizes that her kids are grown and her marriage is lackluster, she thinks she has two choices. She can go to another planet to help an alien warrior race with their human exchange program, or she can tough it out in a loveless marriage where she’s never known passion.

But there’s a twist when Renee’s oldest daughter is also assigned to the program as part of her college studies and when the 46 year-old Renee meets General Sou-el. Suddenly, all the longings she had in a dry marriage are rushing back and this time there is someone who wants to share them.

Sou-el’s race needs sexual exchange for homeostasis, and because of his age and the hardships he’s endured, his body no longer creates adequate enzymes. In other words, he’s useless for pleasure and breeding but brilliant in research. Because he won’t react to human pheromones, he’s willing to mentor humans in the exchange program. When he senses Renee’s attraction to him, he finds himself returning it, stunned. The epul spikes of his body and the fangs used to mark mates only react to Renee. General Tensel, the commander of the vessel they’re on, tells Sou-el that this reaction to humans offers hope that humans can integrate into their society but also that there is hope that Sou-el might find a mate that he can bond with, not just “exchange fluids” with.

Self-doubts and secrets combat the plans for Renee and Sou-el to be together. Renee doesn’t really understand how she could be something to Sou-el, a strong, handsome warrior with a body to die for while she has felt like a mare put out to pasture, too old to breed at 46. Sou-el holds his own secret, even while he courts Renee, wishing to mate with her, meet her family, and even journey to Earth so he can really learn how to be the kind of mate she’d like. All the while, he is hiding how sick he really is, how his glands are malfunctioning and causing blood to pool in his lungs. What use would Renee have for a groom who will die soon?

But Renee’s love and their passion might be what saves him.

However, there are a lot of twists and turns before our pair have a happy ending. Sou-el must fight a duel to prove he is worthy of his mate, and he loses. The only saving grace is that if Renee is his true mate, she will find him by instinct. Separated on a strange planet, Renee rises to the challenge, finally realizing that there is a great love in store for both of them, despite their ages and their health issues.

Once Renee and Sou-el reunite, sparks fly and Renee realizes what it is truly like to have found your person, “the one.” After years of a marriage where she felt more like a roommate, she now knows what it is like to be a mate, period.

The story is long, complex, and does deliver on steam and a happily ever after. I would love to see the author create more depth and richness with her word choice and sentence structure, but even without those facets, this story is a winner that will leave you with a smile and wishing for your own intergalactic happy ending!

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