REVIEW: Ice Falls- Firelight Ridge Book #1 Jennifer Bernard

Ice Falls Book Cover Ice Falls
Firelight Ridge Book #1
Jennifer Bernard
Historical Romance, Small Town Romance, Action Adventure
April 2, 2024

From childhood misfit to successful attorney, Molly Evans wouldn’t be the strong, independent force of nature she is today without the support of her three best friends—and one of them is missing. On a mission to find answers, she tracks Lila all the way to Firelight Ridge, Alaska, a wild outpost where Molly sticks out like a sore thumb in her designer duds and desperate search for Wi-Fi. Regardless, just days after arriving, she can’t resist getting sucked into the mystery surrounding a local’s death, a group of reclusive settlers…and a surly but undeniably attractive pilot.

Sam Coburn has carefully cultivated a lone-wolf persona since moving to Firelight Ridge, necessary for a job he’s reluctantly agreed to take on. Then Molly Evans steps onto his plane, and he just knows the gorgeous redhead is about to make his life interesting. She’s as fierce as she is feisty…and it’s not long before she inadvertently provides him access to an isolated wilderness family he’s tried and failed to get close to for over a year. But it turns out they are excessively interested in Molly…a potentially dangerous turn of events Sam didn’t see coming.

Throw in a teen runaway, a shooting, sexual attraction as dazzling as the endless Alaska sky, and a potentially catastrophic event, and Sam and Molly’s breathtaking adventure could end up either life-altering…or life-ending.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Molly Evans is a junior partner at a prestigious law firm. She had over came a childhood with parents who were alcoholics. It was her best friends since middle school, Lila, Ani and Charlie that saw her through the worst moments of her childhood, and it was Lila who with her gift of intuition that saved all of them from death. Lila made them all stay away from the track meet where a man opened fire on everyone there.

Now she is on her way to JFK Airport to pick up Ani and Charlie and then meet up with Lila who lives in the city. When no one can contact Lila and they learn that she has moved they all worry if she left willingly or was taken against her will. Molly is determined to track her down and finds out she is in Alaska. She doesn’t hesitate to ask for a week off which turns out to be a no and a resignation.

Now unemployed she has all the time she needs to find Lila, who she learns is in Firelight Ridge, a place that can only be reached by plane in the winter. Her research of the planes available led her to Fangtooth Air Service owned by Sam Coburn. He is known for having a safe record and a horrible customer service record.

As soon as she and Sam meet, they find themselves knocking heads, if he says red, she says blue and that is how the trip went until Sam saw a man waiting and watching and he asks Molly to act as if they are together. When a storm blows in leaving Firelight Ridge by plane is out of the question, she is only interested in finding Lila and not leaving.

Lila is found working at a bar and is delighted to see Molly. She knew that Molly would come looking for her and had no intention of leaving and going back to the city. She came to Firelight Ridge because she had a feeling something was wrong and a matter of life or death.

Molly and Sam are invited to Luke Chilkoot’s the man waiting when the plane landed Sam was happy to accept since Sam is surveilling them for the FBI an invitation to their home could supply him with information. The Chilkoot’s don’t trust strangers and have isolated themselves and their huge family. When Molly and Sam are shot at it would appear that they are on to him, and he has unwittingly put Molly in danger. Not only are the Chilkoot’s under investigation for guns and possible murders but a new murder has happened. Daniel the snowplow kid was killed in an avalance and Sam and Molly believe it was intentional.

Sam wants Molly to leave, and she refuses, unfortunately, she finds herself kidnapped so her argument with Sam about leaving is a moot point. Everything becomes clear when a young boy runs away from the Chilkoot ‘s and bonds with Sam and Molly who are determined to protect him.

There was not a moment where I felt bored, surprises, secrets, romance, sex, lies, betrayal and suspense. The search for answers proved to be both happy and sad but everything was answered.

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