New Release REVIEW : Children of Dreams – Heir to the Firstborn Book #6- Elizabeth Schechter

Children of Dreams Book Cover Children of Dreams
Heir to the Firstborn Book #6
Elizabeth Schechter
New Adult, Fantasy Romance, Futuristic Romance
Nov 15, 2022

Weeks into the Progress, and with months still to go, Aria and her Companions have left their allies behind as they move into unfamiliar territory. Awaiting them are friends and enemies, long-buried secrets and truths finally revealed. And a Seer, a son of Earth, who wanders the hills and speaks of the Child, a baby born of all four tribes.

Aria’s child.

The Seer’s visions say that the Child will bring peace to the world.

But at what cost?

Review By Sherry Perkins

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

“Worlds end. Worlds begin.”—Children of Dreams
Over a series of six books, plus a prequel called “World’s Begin,” (initially published as “Crossroads”) Elizabeth Schechter has taken us on a difficult journey along with Aria, Heir to the Firstborn, and her Companions. The task before them is to bond in support and counsel to Aria while Aria must understand what she needs to do to save her people—a disparate group of elemental tribes, their ancestral lands, and refugees, not to mention the attendant court intrigue, political tortures, and murders.
You’d have thought extended family would be the one haven for Aria and the Companions, but you’d be wrong. As often occurs in fantasy and paranormal romance, the Royal family can be a treacherous bunch. However, just as often, the family can provide the wisdom and strength that young, newly appointed rulers need until experience can be of equal guidance. Thankfully, each of Aria’s Companions, Del, Avon, and Owyn, is representative (literally, figuratively, and physically) of their elemental tribes. Their unique elemental characteristics, in combination, make Aria and them formidable.
Owyn, for me, is by far, my favorite character. He is deeply scarred; however, his gift for precognizance and dream interpretation, connects him to a higher purpose. In fact, it positions him to become Twiceborn. Aria shows tremendous growth throughout the series. She is the Heir to the Firstborn. It doesn’t take readers long to understand, therefore, that the relationship between Aria and Owyn will be different, as a result.
“Children of Dreams” is a satisfying conclusion to the Heir to the Firstborn series. Without any spoilers, suffice it to say, there will be a child to bind all the elemental races, and who—as prophesy tells—will see the world begin again.
Schechter’s world building is rich, as is the development of its races, and the story of their growth not only as a people, but individually among the Companions and the Heir. In some books of the series, there is a lot of exposition—as you’d expect. But it is worth the time and effort, especially when you reach the arc and then conclusion of a satisfying romance fantasy. BTW, the new cover art for each book is especially nice!

A 4.5-star rating for the overall series, and for this book—a fantasy tale of life, companionship, war, death, growth and prophesized birth.


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