New Release REVIEW : Cloud Nine -Nailed It! Book #2 – Fearne Hill

Cloud Nine Book Cover Cloud Nine
Nailed It! Book #2
Fearne Hill
Bisexual, Gay Fiction Gay Romance
April 27, 2023

Bedroom eyes, that’s the name my mom gave them.Before I travelled to the UK, she issued me plenty of warnings: don’t look the wrong way when crossing the road, the first floor was the second floor, and no one would know what I meant if I asked for ranch dressing at a restaurant.

But the perils of shy, beautiful men like Tristan Carter? Men with walking canes and hearing aids and those damned bedroom eyes, hidden behind a curtain of silky blond hair?

She forgot to tell me anything about those. And I messed up badly. Monumentally. The kind of misjudgment that had me waking in a cold sweat, wanting to catch the next flight back to my pampered college life in the US. Except I couldn’t, seeing as I’d messed up there too.

So I stayed. I got a job, grew up, and learned some harsh life lessons. Worked out what I wanted to do with my future. Drank warm beer, chilled with my big brother. Ferried Tristan Carter across London. Helped him in and out of the car. Goofed around with him. Tumbled headlong in love with him.

Bedroom eyes. I’m an absolute sucker for those.

Review By Ulysses Dietz

Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

The purpose of m/m romance is to evoke emotions. Yes, characters are important and the plot matters a lot; but you need feel something.
To me, romance novels are like landscape paintings: we all know what to expect in a landscape painting, but it is the artist’s skill that provides light, color, and details that separate it from all other similar works. This is something at which Fearne Hill excels.

Cloud 9 is the story of two families: the Carters, and the St. Clouds. They are linked by the relationship of two young men: Frankie Carter and Lysander St. Cloud. However, while this couple (a bisexual American and a genderfluid Brit) is the catalyst for the story, they are actually secondary.

It is Lysander’s little brother Dominic and Frankie’s “younger” triplet—the third born Tristan Carter—at the center of this story of redemption and unexpected love.

Dominic is a sort of archetypal California frat boy: feckless, self-centered, and fully embraces the hedonistic side of college life in the USA. He means well, but he always seems to fall short of his Olympic-medalist big brother.

Tristan is only younger than his siblings Maddie and Frankie by a few minutes, but he is also deaf and has cerebral palsy. He both treasures and bristles at their relentless oversight of his well-being.

Unlike Dominic, Tristan has never known a physically easy day in his life. Nonetheless he manages his physical limits, enjoys his job, and has a small circle of friends as devoted to him as his siblings are.

Then Dominic, like an ill-trained young demigod, comes crashing into Tristan’s world and throws both families into confusion. This is where the story really begins, and watching Dominic attempt to turn his life around is no less affecting than seeing Tristan’s hesitant response to that transformation.

There are not a lot of surprises here, but Hill has done her job well, offering up finely-painted details and beautifully rendered light, illuminating a small story and making it feel epic.

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