New Release REVIEW – Kiss Me Deadly – Tamela Miles

Kiss Me Deadly Book Cover Kiss Me Deadly
Tamela Miles
Paranormal, Horror, Short Read
Tamela Miles
Jan 9, 2023

You never see the claws until you feel them.

Kiss Me Deadly is the chilling follow up horror and paranormal romance anthology to the fan favorite collection of stories, Rock Paper Scissors, brought to you from author Tamela Miles. Five unsettling tales of horror, with a pinch of the paranormal romance many readers have come to enjoy.

The Swinging Tree:

Audrina and Matt are all set to enjoy a vacation in a charming little town in Northern California. But the town holds deadly secrets that no citizen is willing to speak about. Silence may be golden, but it puts Matt and Audrina on a collision course with a dark force that is hell-bent on vengeance.

Hands Clean:

Lili's life is forever changed after a beach house getaway with her friends. She is given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to exact punishment on the one who betrayed her trust, and she grabs it once because she doesn't believe in transcendence.

Be Home by Sunrise:

Chase has been taking care of headstrong Tiffany since he turned her into a vamp. When she does the unforgivable, he whisks her away into hiding. She hopes their bond will go from maker and child to lovers, but there's a looming presence that won't let them ride off into the moonlight together. Or let them go unpunished.

Witch Bitch:

An afternoon spent with friends and new girlfriend, Luna, has Mason feeling hopeful about the future after his struggle with depression. When the situation goes from friendly to life or death, he is forced to confront the demons he has spent so many years running from. For some, forgive and forget isn't an option.

Paper Dolls:

Zach makes a great escape from his old life to Vegas with his new partner in crime, Paris. She challenges him to reflect on his ways and embrace the dangerous path they're both on. Too bad, for a city full of women, his soul searching takes him to an even darker place. Two is company,

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This anthology is a follow-up to the horror and paranormal romance anthology previously written by Ms. Miles. I did not read that anthology but if it is anything like this one, I know I can look forward to being scared and will read it in the daytime.

The Swinging Tree

Matt and Audrina Marsh are expecting their first child and their biggest problem now is what to name to pick if it is a girl. A Christmas vacation is just what the doctor ordered and so they head to the small town of Caddo, California. When they enter the hotel, they are met by a staff member who makes it very clear that she is not going to help an interracial couple, Audrina is African American and Matt Is white. Unfortunately, there is a tragic history involving the area behind the hotel, and it is a history that dates to the 1920’s and will change their lives forever.

Hands Clean

Lili is spending the weekend at her best friend Peyton’s grandparents’ beach house with her boyfriend, her best friend with her boyfriend and another couple. Peyton’s boyfriend Max hurt Lili emotionally and physically when he raped her and now all she wants is revenge. Unfortunately, her quest for revenge would have repercussions she could never have imagined, and Max was not the only one who suffered.

Since the beach house is not far from Caddo it isn’t surprising that something evil will happen.

Be Home by Sunrise

Chase is a vampire trying to deal with his only child, Tiffany, who he turned after taking too much blood from her while feeding. Tiffany is constantly putting herself and him in danger, arriving home just a little before sunrise and committing an act on another vamp and now she has put a target on her back, a target which Chase is trying to protect her from. Chase is forced to move from his home with the hope of leaving their troubles behind, but trouble follows them and could mean their end.

Witch Bitch

Rachel is a Wiccan and loves to spend time on her roof until she is attacked by three teens, Mason, Kurt and Brian who wanted money or sex and when none of that was forthcoming Kurt pushed her off the roof. Ten years later Mason’s life is going great, a beautiful girlfriend Luna, a good job, house and car, the only thing keeping him from total happiness is the guilt he feels for not stopping Kurt from killing Rachel. Mason is about to learn who has been running his life and who is about to destroy it.

Paper Dolls

Zach and Paris are killers, and their newest victim is a blond hooker lying in bed bound and waiting to die. After the death Paris has a ritual she performs while Zach looks on. Now it is time to party.

These five short tales were exciting and scary, and I loved each one of them. It is not a long book, but it is one that anyone interested in paranormal romance and horror should treat themselves to.

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