New Release REVIEW : Bloodcurse – The Blood Borne Series Book #5- Sydney Winward

Bloodcurse Book Cover Bloodcurse
The Blood Borne Series Book #5
Sydney Winward
Vampire Romance, Futuristic Romance, Fantasy Romance
Silver Forge Books
Jan 13, 2023

To save her people, she needs his blood.

A deadly sickness has been picking off the dwarven race one by one, and now that they are on the brink of extinction, Kirsa Frey must take desperate action. Even if it means risking her life and those of her people by trapping a vampire to use his immortal blood.

Luca Dragomir is plagued with the loss of many loved ones—friends, family, and even the woman he cared for. Unable to stand the daily reminder of his grief, he gives up his birthright, wanting nothing to do with the vampires he called family. When he leaves the only life he’s ever known, he is cornered and captured by a beautiful dwarf and taken back to her settlement.

He soon realizes there might be another way to save her people. And he is the only person who can do it.

But time is running out, and if he doesn’t succeed, he is in danger of losing the one person he comes to love more than anything.


Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Kirsa Frey is a dwarf and daughter of the chieftain and whose whole life has been dedicated to finding a cure for the Rotting Blight that has killed almost all the dwarfs. Dwarfs are the only species susceptible to the disease and now only a few hundred are left, the dwarf species will be totally extinct if a cure isn’t found. Her brother is in stasis with the disease, her sister died while seeking answers and Kirsa has given up everything in her life in her quest to cure her people. Now a vampire is required although so many vampires they experimented on died. The idea of another dead vampire at her hands is heartbreaking but it is one more vampire against her entire race.

Luca Dragomir lives in the vampire city of Ichor Knell and the Dragomir family is very prominent, but Luca is a lone wolf with no clear direction for his long life. He has nothing but hate for his father who has just announced that Luca will be cut off financially and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. With no future in Ichor Knell Luca walks away from his family and his home a broken man. Roaming with no clear destination he has no idea what awaits him.

Kirsa is hunting for a vampire and Luca is walking right towards her. When Kirsa captures him and explains what he faces he offers himself with the hope that his life would have a purpose if he could save an entire species. The dwarfs believe that vampire blood could have the answer to a cure since they heal from almost everyailment, but Luca has another idea, and it doesn’t involve blood but vampire venom.

What Luca never expected was to become enamored with Kirsa impossible as it seems he is finally beginning to feel no longer dead inside. Vrahsea the dwarf’s homeland, feels more like home than Ichor Knell but the first order of business is a cure. It is a visit to the relics where hopefully an answer is that would put an end to any chance of Kirsa and Luca being together because Kirsa becomes the disease’s newest victim.

I have read every book in this series and loved each one. This is a series that any lover of paranormal romance should read and although they don’t have to be read in order it would be a shame not to start at the beginning since the characters all reappear in each book. This is a story of two broken people each having lived through heartache in their pasts and would have a chance at a future if not for a disease and the fact that a dwarf and a vampire have never been mated.

I read this book in one sitting determined to find out what happens to Luca and Kirsa who I came to love. The search for a cure, a chance of a future together is filled with nonstop edge of your seat suspense.

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