Release Day REVIEW : Burying The Dead- The Dead Series Book #4 – Kerry Blaisdell

Burying The Dead Book Cover Burying The Dead
The Dead Series Book #4
Kerry Blaisdell
Paranormal Romance, Ghosts, Demons and Devils, Magical Realism
Wild Rose Press

Sometimes the only way to stop the world from going to Hell is by working with Demons.

Hyacinth Finch has one goal: Save her nephew Geordi from the Hell Demon who kidnapped him. But to succeed, she’ll have to work with his demon Mafia relatives, which she swore she’d never do. Worse, she’ll have to make another deal with the High Demons who murdered her. But Geordi's life is worth it, even if she loses her own humanity in the process.

Meanwhile, Hyacinth’s ghost boyfriend Eric is wasting away, after being ejected from his “borrowed” body. While digging in his past for something to make him fight for survival, she uncovers secrets that could destroy their relationship. Moreover, her feelings for Geordi’s demon cousin Jason are stronger than ever, though every morally impossible choice she makes drives him farther away. Can she save Eric and Geordi, without losing herself—and Jason—forever?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is a series that must be read in order or you will be left confused which is exactly how I felt after reading this book. I have read all the books but unfortunately this one was filled with so many characters new and old and so many plot lines that I found it hard to keep up with the story.

Hyacinth Finch former graverobber, art dealer and dead person now Archangel Michael’s assistant finding rock shards containing his and Satan’s powers and acting as a sorter for newly dead and whether they go up or down. Hyacinth lived a very interesting life and now is living a very interesting death. The one thing that means everything to her is her seven-year-old nephew Geordi who has been kidnapped by a Hell Demon and his powers are in high demand.

Hyacinth with the help of her minions has been unsuccessful in finding and rescuing Geordi and her desperation forces her to approach the Dioguardi’s, Geordi’s grandparents for help. Their hatred of her is matched by her hatred for them but now they are all on common ground. The Dioguardi’s are demons, mafia and wealthy. Together they have finally agreed to share Geordi something Hyacinth was unwilling to do in the past.

Finding Geordi is not the only thing plaquing her, her ghost boyfriend, Eric is damaged after entering another man’s body and the damage may be beyond repair. Saving Eric and Geordi consumes her to the point that she goes behind Michael’s back and makes a deal that would be beyond dangerous but it doesn’t stop her. To save Geordi she does one unthinkable act after the other.

I found myself confused with the number of characters and plots, so much so that I lost track of what should have really been important. Where once I was a fan of Hyacinth, I found myself disliking what she did and how she treated some of the people who really cared about her. Her search for Geordi brought pain to so many but fortunately the saving grace was the end of the book which made the rest of the story bearable.

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