Release Day REVIEW : The Vampire Billionaire’s Secret Baby – Cats Paw Cove Book # 26 – Sharon Buchbinder

Novella The Vampire Billionaire's Secret Baby Book Cover Novella The Vampire Billionaire's Secret Baby
Cats Paw Cove Book # 26
Sharon Buchbinder
Paranormal Romance, Ghost Romance, Vampire ROmance
CPC Publishing
Jan 17, 2023

When home organizer and Gorgon, Meddy Stheno, is called in to help a recent arrival to Cat’s Paw Cove tidy up his home, she meets a handsome and frustrated father of a precocious three-year old. Meddy is sworn to secrecy to protect this special child. The boy is unable to control his shapeshifting—but he can go out in the daylight.

Vampire billionaire and casino owner, Quinn Ward, is on the run from someone who wants to extract his dhampir son’s abilities. To protect his child, he must rely on Meddy and the eccentric Supernaturals in Feline Fine Retirement Home. Can he count on them to help overpower the powerful Head of the Vampire House Diablos?

With the fate of his son on the line, Quinn and Meddy must recruit and train a Magical team. Can Quinn overcome his past and let another woman into his life? Will this longshot give them the payout they both need? Or will Meddy and Quinn lose it all in this do or die gamble for love?

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This novella is wonderful and sadly my only complaint is that it wasn’t longer, I just wanted it to go on and on. A visit to Cat’s Paw Cove, Florida is always a treat, talking Sherwood cats with huge attitudes that always bring a smile to my face.

Quinn Ward owns the Ghost of a Chance Hotel in Las Vegas; he is mortal, and the love of his life is Raven a vampire. When Raven revealed she was pregnant and their child, if it survived would probably be a dhampir able to walk in the sun, eat regular food and would have the super strengths of a vampire and although not immortal will live longer than a human. Ravin unfortunately, puts a damper on the excitement when she reveals her sister both having the same maker would want their child for experiments, she is doing on dhampirs. With no other choice Quinn makes the decision to allow Raven to turn him.

Raven died giving birth to their son Danny and with the threat of Raven’s sister Antoinette, hanging over his head Quinn moves to Cat’s Paw Cove, Florida a sanctuary town for supernaturals. Quinn worries about his three-year-old son who is extremely mature for his age and who goes from little boy to little bat unable to stop his shifting. The first order of business is to hire an organizer to make his cottage livable and put everything in its place.

The organizer is Meddy Stheno a gorgon and Danny takes an immediate liking to her and her Sherwood cat Zeb and has no fear of her head full of snakes. Quinn finds himself attracted to Meddy but his heart still belongs to Raven, but time will tell if things change. As things begin to fall into place word comes that Antoinette is closing in on Quinn and Danny’s location and that is when the supernaturals of Cat’s Paw Cove rally round.

A wonderful story, but every visit to Cat’s Paw Cove has been a joy and we do get to catch up with some of the residents we have previously met. I loved this story and want more.

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  1. Sharon’s stories are always great! Her characters are engaging, and her plots are well-written. I’ve read all her Cat’s Paw Cove books and each one delivers! Once again, good work, Sharon!


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