REVIEW : Raphael’s Return – Archangel Book #3- C.J. Dragon

Raphael's Return Book Cover Raphael's Return
Archangel Book #3
C.J. Dragon
Sci fi, LGBTQ Fiction, Gay Romance
Dec 22, 2022

It was a year of change and healing, heartbreak, and renewal.

On his way to reunite with his First Consort, Lord Teo receives unwelcome news from Chi’NoSa Prime.

He is ordered to return to perform a duty he hoped to be spared.

There is no recourse except obedience.

Raphael, changed from his time spent with the Chi’NoSa, discovers that his gifts set him apart from his peers, causing them to shun him.

As his family and a few friends are the only colonists to support him, Raphael spends much of his time alone, removing himself from the cacophony of other minds.

When the wait for his lord’s return is finally over, Raphael assumes his place on the Golden Falcon, hopeful they can live in harmony as they look for new worlds.

Returning to Chi’NoSa Prime was not part of the plan.

Neither was an unwanted duty.

A duty that would change them both, leading them to a Queen who would ask for their future, and may change the Chi’NoSa and humanity forever. What will they have to give in order to save both their species?


Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the final book in this series and Lord Teo a Chi’NoSa and Raphael Lewis a human’s story has come to an end. A story that began when Raphael was taken captive by Teo beaten and nearly killed to a love that would change both men and eventually both species. A story of change, a story of love and a story of understanding and forgiveness.

When we left off in book two Raphael returned to the Colony while Teo went off to visit his holdings. Teo accepted the fact that Raphael had changed him a change he was willing to severe his relationship with Raphael over until he accepted the fact that change would happen and is necessary. Almost a year has passed, and Raphael anxiously awaits the arrival of his husband since Teo has named him first consort.

While at the Colony Raphael realized that he had changed now; his empathic abilities make it possible for him to read others without touching them. This has made him an outcast because of it by all but family and a few friends. He longs for the day Teo will arrive and take him home and when that day arrives it is to learn that they will be going to Chi’NoSa Prime for a mating ritual involving Teo. Although this ritual is to ensure Teo’s clan survives it is something neither he nor Raphael are looking forward to. I will not discuss what the ritual entails, but it was not what I thought.

The love between Teo and Raphael grew, and their love was a beautiful thing to see. Well, I didn’t really see it, but the author made it all seem real and wonderful. A love that began with distrust and cruelty, a love that over time overcame all differences and which changed both men for the better. This is a series that must be read in order to really experience every moment as Teo, and Raphael begin to love each other and how they overcame major differences.

Love this series and highly recommend it, it is a love story for the ages.

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