New Release REVIEW – Levity – Dragons of Ardaine Book #2 – Roe Horvat

Levity Book Cover Levity
Dragons of Ardaine Book #2
Roe Horvat
gay erotica, Dragons/Mythical Creatues, Omegaverse
March 21, 2023

What’s the point of staying alive when you can’t live?
Half-naked in the arms of an angry, domineering alpha, Leo negotiates the limits for what’s shaping up to be his hottest encounter ever. After months of hiding in fear, he’s giving in to his desires, and it feels glorious. Except things go horribly wrong, and not only do his ex’s goons attack him, but now he’s being kidnapped by what appears to be a mythical creature. Or maybe he’s gone insane. Because dragons don’t exist, do they?
Davidson has finally found him. The one. His mate is gorgeous, tastes like heaven, and outright asks for a spanking. He’s also in acute danger, and Davidson must rescue him in dragon form, talons out. No wonder Leo is terrified of him. After their awful first night together, Davidson is determined to make things right and protect Leo with all his might.
Levity is an omegaverse erotic romance about a cantankerous dragon and a broken omega who are terrible apart but perfect for each other. The novel features dragon shifters, mpreg, and power exchange.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the second book in The dragon shifter series The Dragon’s of Ardaine for Roe Horvat and another winner it is. Meeting Davidson Sullivan, who is touted as ‘the grumpy ole man’, in the first book we now get his story in book two.

Horvat’s books in this series start out as he so carefully does, with sex first, questions later! The fact this Omegaverse theme has such startling effects when Dragon shifters find their fated mates is the possessive nature taking over immediately. They have no other response but to follow the heat and when it comes to that and it’s a Roe Horvat book, erotically spicy comes to mind. Roe Horvat is not one to hold his pearls and be meek.

Leo is an omega human who has just come out of a terrible relationship with someone who is stalking him wanting him back. Davidson Sullivan is a rich, well known, and a dragon shifter, He is angry, lonely, and giving up on finding ‘the one’. The two find themselves at a steamy no holds barred sex party!

The following morning, they find Leo’s body is changing and all the sex in the world is at their command. But between the sex there begins a sweet give and take between these two lost men. Leo wa an out spoken human who was quite a handful to Davidson’s amazed longing for realizing what Leo was to him and having to explain, nurture and care for his changing omega.

I loved Lawrie and Ernest’s return and their pregnancy and the help they served in helping Leo and Davidson a bit. I must say I never have said this about a Roe Horvat book BUT there was almost too much sex; needed a bit more story. Did I just write that????

All in all waiting for another!!!

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