REVIEW : Skydive – Dragons of Ardaine Book #1- Roe Horvat

Skydive Book Cover Skydive
Dragons of Ardaine Book #1
Roe Horvat
Omegaverse, Dragons, LGBTQ Erotic Romance, Gay Romance
Sept. 22, 2022

On New Year’s Eve, Lawrie meets a deadly attractive, loaded alpha who’s brilliant in bed and nice to boot. Pity Ernest travels so much and doesn’t do relationships. Lawrie can at least enjoy one wild weekend. Except now it’s the morning after, and things get weird. Very weird. Lawrie’s body has changed overnight, warranting the freakout of a lifetime.

Ernest has been looking for his true mate since the eager age of twenty-one. After fifteen years, he’s reconciled himself to restless traveling and hook-ups. The most recent one is a real treat—a certain Lawrence Winchester, a young omega with a sharp wit and an unusually intense scent. The thought of a mate doesn’t even enter Ernest’s head as he drifts through the night in a lusty haze. The morning brings life-altering revelations. Lawrie is the one—the signs are unmistakable. Now how to break it to him gently that he’s stuck with Ernest for the rest of his life and that Ernest is, um, a slightly different species…

Reviewed By Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

The Dragons have arrived and Roe Horvat has set them in his Omegaverse! What an interesting story it was. I truly forgot it was on my TB Read pile and Alas Levity followed and poor me had to read two in this new sexy series…..Don’t you feel my pain?

It happened on New Year’s Eve, their meeting. Ernest a never do relationships kind of guy, meets Lawrie and at the stroke of midnight after flirting and many drinks, they have the sexual best night of both their lives. They do not realize this is just their beginning.

I’m noting there are over 550 reviews on Amazon, so I am one of this authors many readers. Dragon shifters are new for Horvat, but he can write anything and I will love it. His characters come to life off the pages. Descriptions of Ernest taking Lawrie flying gave me goose bumps as his descriptions made me feel I was actually soaring with them.

The cuteness of Ernest and Lawrie waking New Years Day finding the ‘hook up’ was more. Ernest realizing Lawrie was ‘the one’ he had waited for all his life and poor Lawrie his body changing overnight was terrifying….

But the best was Ernest’s tenderness……His actual giddiness and joy at finding his mate. Can’t wait to see what Roe has in store for the Mr. Meany Davidson’s story..

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