NEW RELEASE- REVIEW- Novella- Forbidden Match -Perfect Match Agency Book #6- MM Farmer

Forbidden Match Book Cover Forbidden Match
Perfect Match Agency Book #6-
MM Farmer
Omegaverse, Gay Fiction, Gay Romance
August 11, 2023

The Perfect Match Agency’s company policy is clear: No dating in the workplace!

Looks like Renn and Topher didn’t get the memo…


Working in IT for the Perfect Match Agency has been my dream job. Not just because I get to work with the software that helps people find their mate, but because it allows me to work from home. And with my anxiety issues, working from home is a must. Don’t get me wrong, I have my work friends who I talk to through email and texts every day, especially Renn. We’ve never met, but Renn has become my best friend.

When the system sends both of us emails congratulating us on finding a 99.1% perfect match, not even my anxiety can stop me from heading to the office to solve the problem…and to meet Renn in person for the very first time.


Having the Perfect Match system send me an email telling me it’s found a 99.1% compatible match for me was not the wildest thing that happened to me that day. Meeting my best friend in person for the first time and having him instantly go into heat and me into rut definitely was. That supply closet will never be the same. Neither will me and Topher, unfortunately. There’s nothing like coming into work on a Monday after a wild heat weekend only to be fired to start a relationship out on the wrong foot.

But are Topher and I victims of nature and destined to go down in flames, or is the perfection of our match exactly what the company needs to study to take the whole matchmaking system to the next level?

Perfect Match Agency is a multi-author gay romance series. The stories are non-shifter omegaverse, with high heat and low angst. Male pregnancy is possible in the world. Each individual book can be read as a standalone, features a new couple, and a satisfying happily ever after. Forbidden Match is the sixth book in the series and features friends to lovers, office romance…that leads to disaster, a convenient broom closet, that guy from HR who ruins everyone’s fun (you know the one I’m talking about), someone else’s wedding, and a happily ever after.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the sixth book in this multi author series The Perfect Match Agency. This group is more than a dating service. It is dedicated to helping Alpha’s and Omegas find a perfect match within the Omegaverse community. Roe Horvat, Wendy Rathbone and Merry Farmer have each added 2 books each to this 6 book series.

This last one was a bit different and very enjoyable as it dealt with two employees who are working members of the agency. The agency in it’s dedication to their work, months ago asked employees to fill out a questionnaire as all the new members do for the computers to disseminate different types. This would not be fed into the main computer system just for information as no one working at the agency can use their services. It’s against Policy.

Topher and Renn work at the agency. Topher is in IT and Renn is an office Mgr. Toper works from home, as he has anxiety and tries not to enter the office. So when he needs some replacement equipment he contacts the office manager. this gives them the time to communicate beyond work things. Becoming work computer ‘friends’ they try to get together in person, but something always comes up. So after months of being pen pals, a friend ship grows and when Toper is forced to come to the office in person, the unimaginable thing happens; when they meet, they both go into heat.

I thought this was the icing on the cake for this series, as we have met couples thru the 5 books wanting a match. This pleasant surprise took a different path, though a bit more fun and till hot and sexy…..

I hope there will be more, but if this is only six, It was a great way to end…..’

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