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All I Never Wished For Book Cover All I Never Wished For
Pine Ridge Universe
S.C. Principale
Short Read, Paranormal, Demons and Devils
June 14, 2023

What happens when Ivy springs a lovesick genie from his magic lamp?

Everything she never wished for.

When Ivy DiMarco does one itty-bitty impulsive thing, her entire world is flipped upside down. How was she supposed to know that the trinket she carried out of a second-hand shop was actually an ancient magical artifact?

Zagan, a powerful djinn, doesn’t want to serve another human master. Humans only want his power, and they don’t realize the dark implications that wishes hold. Better to waste away alone than watch another betrayal…or worse.

But Ivy is different. Ivy is the first human in an eternity who doesn’t waste wishes, who doesn’t try to trick him, and who seems to like Zag… for himself.

What happens when Ivy springs a lovesick genie from his magic lamp?

Everything she never wished for.

Welcome to the world of Pine Ridge, in rural, mountainous New York. In Pine Ridge, monsters and humans live side-by-side (although the humans are often unaware of it at first). In cozy little Pine Ridge, romance always wins and love doesn't care about horns, scales, tails, or fangs. Each high steam, low-angst, feel-good romance will have you reaching for the next Happily Ever After. The best part? You can read in any order you want. You'll find your friends and recurring characters popping up over and over, but each book stars a new couple!

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This short story was so enjoyable, it is not often when you read a story about a very human woman finding a Djinn and who is afraid of making a wish.

Ivy DiMarco is an Associate Professor in Pine Ridge, NY, a place where monsters and humans co-exist.

With a ten-day break from school Ivy has hopes of some R&R but a phone call from her mother puts a dark cloud over her dream of peace and quiet. Her mom informs her that her younger brother and his wife are expecting, which begins the usual tirade about Ivy’s lack of dating. When she sees a sign for Chloes Curiosities she can’t resist going in. She sees an old miniature oil lamp straight out of the Arabian Nights and is wants it.

When she realizes she left her purse in the car the lamp suddenly becomes invisible, so she just walks out without paying. Now she feels guilty and is sure this would be one more thing that would get her mother pumped up. Arriving home, the smoke that allowed her to walk out of the store unseen is now a tall, handsome half naked man. Zagan is a Djinn there to grant her wishes, it is his function to grant desires of the heart in the Soul World.

Unlike all the masters and mistress, he has had over the centuries, Ivy doesn’t want to make a wish unless it is a wish for him to be free. An educated woman Ivy knows that any wish she makes could result in the total opposite. But she doesn’t hesitate in wishing him freedom. Zagan finds himself wanting to do anything he can for Ivy, she is thoughtful, loving and warm and despite her low opinion of herself and feeling she is fat he only sees beauty.

This was a magical story and the questions Ivy raised put a smile on my face. I always wondered what I would wish for if I ever had a genie, and my questions would be just as crazy as Ivy’s. If I wished for a skinny body, would I find myself a skeleton, if I dreamed of a lot of money where would that money come from and would it have a negative effect on a person or even a country. Well, enough daydreaming unlike Ivy I will not find an old oil lamp with a Djinn ready, willing and able to grant my every dream.

Is it possible for an associate professor and a Djinn find love and marriage, read this story to find out.

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