New Release REVIEW : Snowfall – Hermione Lee

Snowfall Book Cover Snowfall
Hermione Lee
Teen, Young Adult, Loners and Outcasts, Young Adult Fiction
Feb 20, 2023

As an ice witch, Pristina Cardin has lived alone in her manor ever since her grandfather’s death. She enjoys solitude and is content with her reclusive life. However, everything changes when a wicked witch freezes her heart with a curse. If Pristina fails to find true love within the next year, she will melt into a puddle of water and cease to exist.

Fortune shines upon her one day when she saves a young man, Gabriel Deon, who is dying from hypothermia. Unfortunately, the rescue pushes her into an endless pit of troubles, and Pristina is almost murdered by Gabriel’s possessive girlfriend, due to a misunderstanding. In the end, Pristina must make a difficult decision that will determine her destiny—should she abide by her morals, or should she abandon them to save her own life?

Review By Sherry Perkins

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

“Pristina gathered the long folds of her pale blue gown, imagining herself as a princess in a palace.”—Snowfall

Pristina Cardin dreams of being a princess. Don’t we all? However, she’s not a princess. She’s a humble girl who has inherited the family home—an inn at the farthest reaches of a fairytale kingdom that is sorely in need of a more empathetic king and queen. Pristina lives there, in icy solitude. Don’t despair, though. Her preference is to be alone except for those times she’s wistful and daydreaming about falling in love.

One day, an unexpected visitor arrives at the inn. It’s an old woman seekinglodging. She’s not who she seems to be. Witches never are, especially since she’s an assassin as well! But who would want to harm Pristina? That’s just one of the mysteries to be solved in Hermione Lee’s short read, Snowfall. However, there’s a limited time to solve the mysteries. If Pristina doesn’t find true love within the next year, she is cursed to die, her heart frozen and her body melting away as if she were somehow made of ice.

Desperate to find answers, Pristina instead finds a traveler stranded in the cold, cold woods near the inn. He’s suffering from hypothermia. What can Pristina do except postpone her quest for answers and save the handsome stranger?

Hermione Lee has written a charming tale for teens, young adults, loners, and outcasts. While its theme is familiar, it is also unique. As the relationship between Pristina and the stranger, Gabriel Deon, evolves the mystery deepens. Amazing self-discoveries are forthcoming. Ones that will certainly test whether Pristina is the woman she thinks herself to be or whether she is someone entirely different. The key here is all in how she was raised, and in her name.

A four-star review for a suitably complex teen and young adult read but that is pleasingly sweet for adult readers who crave a good versus evil fairytale with a storybook ending.

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