New Release REVIEW : Snuffed Out – Magic Candle Shop Mystery Book #1- Valona Jones

Snuffed Out Book Cover Snuffed Out
Magic Candle Shop Mystery Book #1
Valona Jones
Cozy Mystery, Cozy Culinary Mystery, Cozy Animal Mystery
Crooked Lane Books
Jan 10, 2023

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Fraternal twins Tabby and Sage Winslow run the Book and Candle Shop in Savannah; a shop that has been run by the family for ages. Sage and Tabby have the ability to manipulate energy something that runs in the family. Fifteen years ago, Tabby used her energy which nearly killed someone so since then she has kept it locked away.

Blithe McAdam a customer came to the shop screaming and yelling that they were charlatans, that their candles did not work and her headaches have not gone away. Refunding her money and gifting her with a lotion did not stop the tirade and their clerk Gerard Smith didn’t help matters when he told her to get out and called her a witch. Thanks to social media and all the videos’ customers took Gerard’s comments were front and center and the repercussions of that day would involve everyone in a mystery.

Blithe has been found dead and the prime suspect is Gerard whose comments led police right to him. Of course, Sage and Tabby were not in the clear due to their confrontation with Blithe but Gerard was number one on the suspect list. Tabby is determined to find the real killer and save Gerard from what appears to be a future in jail. So, Sage and Tabby go from running a candle shop to investigating a murder and their gifts, i.e., Tabby’s ability to become invisible aid them in their search of Blithe’s home looking for clues.

Unfortunately, what they find is a pig pen and the fact that Blithe was a hoarder. Born with a golden spoon in her mouth now living in a condo that would have to be fumigated and penniless. They found nothing that can clear Gerard of her murder but the police found something that pointed to his guilt. Their investigation isn’t hurt by the fact that Tabby is sleeping with the coroner, Dr. Quigsly (Quig) and Sage is dating a lawyer. As they dig deeper into Blithe’s life they discover secrets, lies and betrayal not to mention unknown siblings who Tabby suspects are responsible for her death.

This was an amazing mystery watching as Tabby and Sage track down the killer and discover a plan that would jeopardize their home and business. Tabby’s friend with benefits with Quig slowly grows into something stronger but her fear of him discovering her family secrets has kept him at arm’s length.

Amazing characters, secrets, lies and surprises. I don’t even want to hint about the guilty party for fear it would give anything away so you will have to find out for yourself.




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