REVIEW : Raphael’s Redemption – Archangel Book #2- C.J. Dragon

Raphael's Redemption Book Cover Raphael's Redemption
Archangel Book #2
C.J. Dragon
LGBTQ, Science Fiction, Gay Romance
Sept 20, 2022

From Captive to Consort and Chosen.

Lord Teo’s love holds Raphael Lewis of the Mars Colony firmly, giving him everything he’s ever wanted – love, commitment, fidelity.

Agreeing to convince the inhabitants of Ta’Kun to accept a compromise from the Chi’NoSa, Raphael is ready to do what he must to heal Ta’Kun, save the Ta’kunisi from destruction, and Lord Teo from disgrace.

He did not know he would be repudiated, left defenseless and alone, only to be betrayed for being who he is and what he can give.

Raphael’s life is held in the balance between love and loss.

Will Teo save Raphael, or will their love become a sacrifice to the Chi’NoSa?

Please note: On page violence and sexual situations. This is an ongoing series focused on one couple. You need to read Raphael's Rescue to be in the know!

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is a series that must be read in order to fully understand the growing relationship between the two main characters, Raphael, a human and Lord Teo, a Chi’NoSa. Book one is Raphael’s Rescue when he is taken prisoner by Lord Teo and how two men different as day and night learn from each other. Their story continues in this book and ends in book three.

Raphael has become comfortable in his life with Teo and even though he sorely misses his family on Mars his love for Teo has grown to the point where he cannot imagine life without him. If you have read book one, then you are aware of how their relationship began and it was not a smooth or happy start. Teo is a Chi’NoSaa very aggressive race who are not even able to live near each other or socialize with each other. Teo is judge and jury for all on his ship and that also went for Raphael.

As the two of them spent time with each other it became apparent that they were deeply in love and Teo made Raphael Advisor/Consort allowing him many liberties no one else is allowed to even hope for.

Teo has convinced the Chi’NoSa to allow him and Raphael to approach the Ta’kunisi to compromise for the minerals on their planet. So far, the Ta’Kuni have refused to accept the Chi’NoSa and even refuse to learn their language. If a compromise is not reached the planet will be annihilated and failure would result in Teo losing faith.

While brokering a compromise Teo begins to face the fact that he is losing what makes him Chi’NoSa and that Raphael’s influence has caused him to believe he is not acting according to his station. His answer is to break from Raphael, he will no longer be his Chosen or his Consort, breaking Raphael’s heart. Teo promises that once the negotiations with the Ta’Kunisi are finished Raphael will be brought home to Mars.

Raphael tries to convince Teo that change happens, nothing can stay stationary, you must move forward and change. As a human Raphael is constantly thanking people, bowing to them out of respect and Teo unwillingly accepts it till he realizes that accepting it is not the Chi’NoSa way.

A wonderful addition to this wonderful series; and a story of acceptance and change. There is also a betrayal something else a result of a human living with Chi’NoSa.


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