RELEASE DAY- DUAL- REVIEW: Under the Radar – Accidentally Undercover Book #6- Linden Bell

Under the Radar Book Cover Under the Radar
Accidentally Undercover Book #6
Linden Bell
Gay Fiction, LGBTQ Action Adventure
April 30, 2024

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Under The Radar-Linden Bell

I'm in love with a stranger… who happens to be my boyfriend.

My boyfriend is perfect. He drinks red wine, watches Drag Race, and loves the theater. So what if I don't know what he does for a living, where his family is from, or who his friends are? Those are just details, and he'll tell me when he's ready. I know his heart, and that's what's important.

I never meant to keep my real identity a secret for so long. Logan was only supposed to be a one night stand, but this adorable himbo has become the sunshine in my dark world. I can't risk losing him by telling him the truth.

When danger from my past comes calling, my selfishness puts both of us at risk. Now our lives are on the line, and more importantly, our hearts.

Under the Radar is a forced proximity, opposites attract, one night stand MM romantic suspense with an absolutely clueless himbo and a hardened FBI agent who can't resist some cuddles. Expect gunfights, car chases, and get better soon kisses. Under the Radar is part of the Accidentally Undercover shared romantic suspense series.

Dual Review By Linda Tonis

When FBI Special Agent Jared Sable Logan himself in need of a man, he picks up Logan MacDonald who appeals to him. He lies about his name using Jay and doesn’t reveal that he works for the FBI. This one-night stand turns into a six-month relationship and Jared continues to use his fake name and job. He never reveals who he really is when it comes to one-night stands but with Logan it turned into more, but he still kept his secret.

Every time Logan tried to arrange for Jay to meet his friends, he was always a no show.

His friends didn’t stop teasing him referring to his boyfriend as a serial killer, spy, rent boy or has a family and Logan always stuck up for him even though the truth was he knew nothing about Jay.

When Logan’s friends talk him into following Jay he agrees, and he does discover who and what Jay is but only after the two of them are kidnapped, beaten and face death. For two years Jared worked undercover till he was able to put away Alonzo Adams, an arms dealer and murderer, only now he escaped. Alonzo wants Jared to suffer for a raid that killed his wife and young son and for his betrayal and Logan is just a bonus since Jared loves him.

The torture Jared and Logan suffered was brutal until Jared used all his experience to escape. Jared has broken ribs and suffered a shot to his leg. Logan had his share of beatings but psychologically he suffered the most. His life was simple and happy and now he is dealing with a boyfriend’s lies and pure evil.

Little by little Jared reveals everything to Logan hoping he didn’t lose the man he has fallen in love with and hoping he will be forgiven. Logan is a man you can’t help loving, he proves stronger than he ever expected and his loyalty to Jared in the face of danger was amazing.

Jared and Logan escaped Alonzo but then the FBI came up with a plan to once and for all capture him and it was a plan that would put targets on Jared and Logan’s backs. Although not happy about participating in the plan Jared knew that until Alonzo was back in prison Logan would always be in danger.

There was a lot of very hot sex, and edge of the seat suspense. Jared and Logan’s escape kept me glued to the book, not willing to put it down until they were free.

Dual Review by MARYANN

Logan MacDonald works as a juice bar barista at MARS Fitness gym. He works for co-owners Beau and Gavin and has two good friends in Everest and Sawyer. Six months ago at the best New Years Ever party at MARS Logan met a one-night-stand. But as the guy leaves his apartment he leaves his phone number for Logan and now six months later they are boyfriends. The only problem is Logan’s friends don’t know Jay.

Every time he want’s Jay to meet them something comes up. As an analyst Jay seems to always be on a business trip or stuck at the office.

Everest and Sawyer have put doubts in Logans head. Plus, they question if Jay is an imaginary boyfriend. They throw out all kinds of crazy ideas: stalker, serial killer, a married man, spy, rent boy, oh my! Poor Logan can’t help to question it all. After some serious thought, he has to admit he doesn’t even know that much about Jay.

Well, Everest and Sawyer have a plan and they drag Logan into it. Logan plants an air tag in Jays bag and they are now on the hunt. Things don’t look good when they finally race after Jay with every move he makes through hectic New York.

Logan want’s to trust and stay loyal to Jay but when he finally faces the facts he’s ready to break up with him. The only ones he can trust are his friends at MARS who take him out for a distraction from his woes. But now everyone knows he’s just a moron. On a planned date night, at a little restaurant, again Jay is late, as Logan waits outside in the cold. When Jay does show up, before he can tell Jay what’s wrong the world around him has gone chaotic.

Where is he? What happened? Has be been kidnapped? Where is Jay? Who is Jay? Is Logan ready to face the truth and even death as he becomes a target?

Linden Bell creates a little seriousness, humor and action with “Under the Radar” from the “Accidentally Undercover” series. Logan and Jay are a very steamy couple. At times I found the bedroom and physical scenes were a little overdone for me, but I know this is a draw for many readers. Jared “Jay” Sable holds true to being a tough FBI agent, while Logan is sweet and carefree making opposites attract.

Logan’s friends, Everest and Sawyer bring a barrel of humor to the story. They have no self control with keeping Logan’s situation quiet and they can’t control their wild imaginations. They even get Gavin and Beau stirred up in the excitement.

Along with Jared Sable he brings Lead FBI agent Isaac and agent partner Victoria. Of course there’s the evil Alonzo Adams, arms dealer, looking for revenge.

“Under the Radar” was a first time read for me by Linden Bell. All-in-all it was a suspenseful tale with just the right amount of humor and lot’s of heat. Watch for the other stand alone stories in the “Accidentally Undercover” series.

This is part of the Accidentally Undercover shared romantic suspense series, each book by a different author and so far, each one I have read just left me wanting more.

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